1.Before and after the study visit student is obliged to act in accordance with the Departments’ procedures for foreign visits.

2. Language competence test - on-line language courses Students participating in Erasmus+ programme are required to take part in on-line language test designed to check the level of language in which they will be studying abroad. The result does not affect departure decision made by home or host institution. Students with low score will receive an invitation to participate in on-line language course. After finishing studies abroad students will be required to take the test one more time in order to check the progress in language acquisition. Details concerning the language competence test will be send to students after receiving information from National Agency of Erasmus+ programme.

Documents required by the Research and International Relations Office:

1. Insurance Certificate

2. A no-liability certificate from the Dean’s office/Centre for Studies in English.

Ad. 1. It is mandatory to read the information on the insurance (see in attachment) and submit before departure a signed Insurance Certificate.

Ad. 2. Before departure each student is required to successfully complete the previous semester of study ( any failed subjects!) and his/her exam card must be submitted to the Dean's Office/CSE. Once these and other conditions required by the Dean's Office (described in a separate leaflet) are met the student will receive signed the no-liability certificate from the Dean’s office confirming completion of all formalities before a study visit.

Student should submit a complete set of documents to Research and International Relations Office (room 218A) two weeks before departure. Following the submission of the documents student will sign the Financial Agreement on Erasmus+ programme concluded between the student and the PUEB. The agreement sets out the obligations and rights arising from the implementation of mobility under the Erasmus+ programme. The agreement also specifies the length of stay and the amount of the received grant. The scholarship is calculated from the first day, the beginning of the orientation day, language course or the beginning of classes to the last day of the examination period or classes (if exams are taken during classes). Each participant receives also the Erasmus Student Charter issued by the National Agency for Erasmus. This charter sets out the basic rights and privileges of students participating in the exchange under the Erasmus+ programme and their basic obligations to the home university and the hand the host university.

To sign the Financial Agreement student should has the bank account number in IBAN, where an Erasmus+ grant is to be paid, giving the name of the owner of the account and specifying the currency. Erasmus+ funds are collected in a separate account maintained in the PUEB BZ WBK SA in EUR. Due to the low cost of bank fees (charged by PUEB) and service speed, RIRO encourages students to open a bank account held in euros in BZ WBK SA. NOTICE! Student bares the cost resulting from the incorrect bank account number!

After the signing of the Agreement by the student and the official representative of the university student receives the first installment of the Erasmus scholarship. It does not apply to students leaving early (August), because funds from the National Agency for Erasmus to Polish universities are usually transferred in the middle of August and before this time the PUEB is not able to disburse Erasmus scholarships. Therefore, the students departing in August, must take into account the delay in the payment of the first installment and incurring the initial costs of their stay with their own resources.


Important financial issues and the length of stay:

In accordance with the financial rules adopted on the  PUEB, subsidies scholarships are possible only in relation to mobility, which is not yet completed. When mobility is over, the amount of the scholarship specified in the Financial Agreement between the university and participant mobility can not be changed. In other words, if the student has signed a contract for a specified period, which does not properly take into account the date of the exam session I will not be able to take account of the longer mobility time to increase the amount of scholarship, after the student's departure. Therefore, I ask all participants to ensure that the length of stay entered on the Financial Agreement will not change. If you have information about extending the duration of the winter semester, please send me mail  stating the completion date of stay associated with the examination session, with a link / e-mail from the foreign university  which confirm a longer stay. Students should report this change no later than two weeks before the end of his/ her stay, so I can prepare a document taking into account the extended stay. Late entries will not be accepted. Additional funds will be paid after returning, along with the second installment based on the submitted Certificate of attendance.
Please note that shortening your stay in relation to the dates contained in the Financial Agreement for more than 5 days, resulting in a reduction in the second installment of the scholarship, or return the part of the grant, depending on the number of days. I encourage you to read the financial rules of the program, which you can find in attachment.

Whilst preparing for the study visit, in case of any problems (e.g. problems with contacting partner university) you can seek help in the RIRO. If you have any doubts or question, or if you require further information, we’ll be try to assist you.

Contact details

Aleksandra Dajerling

Research and International Relations Office, room 218A

e-mail: aleksandra.dajerling@ue.poznan.pl

phone:061 856 93 64

duty hours:  11.00 am - 01.00 pm