Diploma examination procedure

·         the student sends the diploma thesis in pdf format together with a declaration of independent preparation of the thesis to the supervisor by e-mail, from his/ her own student e-mail address (NIU@student.ue.poznan.pl); if their student email address is no longer valid should send their thesis from the account used to exchange emails with their supervisors;

·         The paper version of the thesis intended for the files and a signed statement on its independent preparation (after prior telephone appointment) shall be submitted to BOS or posted by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt before the deadline for defending the diploma thesis at least 3 days before the diploma examination date;

·         if the documentation is incomplete BOS will inform the Head of the examination Board. In such a case the examination cannot take place on a set date and a new date can only be set when the documentation is complete;

·         during the exam the student needs to turn on a camera and a microphone on their computer and they should prepare their IDs with their picture (preferably their passports);

·         should the Head of the examination Board request it, the student should be prepared to share their computer screen with the Board.


·         If a student uses PUEB infrastructure they need to make sure that only a healthy person can enter the University premises, showing no signs of infectious disease, a person who does not live with a person who is in quarantine or isolation or is in quarantine or isolation themselves;

·         While entering the University hands should be disinfected;

·         Students should cover their mouths and noses; while waiting for the exam distance should be kept;

·         Students who use PUEB infrastructure should come 5-10 minutes before the exam in front of the room where the exam will be held (the information will be given through BOS). While entering the room hands should be disinfected