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Workshops on Research on Sustainability

University of Economics and Business in Prague, Czech Republic, 24-25.05.2022
On May 24 – May 25, 2022, as the part of the Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy project (http://cenetsie.ue.poznan.pl/), employees of PUEB and PhD students from PUEB Doctoral School participated in the workshops dedicated to research on Sustainability, organized by University of Economics and Business in Prague.
The workshop was an opportunity to sum up so far implemented tasks connected with sustainability and research in that area  and discuss plans of collaborative research and works for the future.
There were the following purposes of the workshops: 
  • sharing experiences and developing research topics in such areas as:  
  • sustainable consumption (SC) and its macro- and microeconomic effects, 
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR), 
  • sharing economy, sustainable economy, 
  • social responsibility accounting, social accounting, integrated reporting, accounting     4.0, tax tools for supporting sustainable development (SD), 
  • ethical and unethical behavior of buyers, 
  • financial management in a sustainable economy, 
  • the use of cryptocurrencies and sustainable development, 
  • sustainable development in a global, regional and local perspective.
Among participants from PUEB Institute of Marketing  were: dr hab. Barbara Borusiak, prof PUEB, CENETSIE project coordinator, dr hab. Iwona Olejnik, prof. PUEB; dr hab. Robert Romanowski, prof. PUEB; dr hab. Magdalena Stefańska, prof. PUEB, prof. PUEB, dr Andrzej Szymkowiak, prof. PUEB. Also other employees from other PUEB departments participated in the workshop:  prof. dr hab. Aleksandra Gaweł; prof. dr hab. Marzena Remlein, dr hab. Dariusz Nowak, prof. PUEB; dr Ewelina Kuberska, dr Marek Kawacki; dr Sebastian Narojczyk, dr Bartosz Marcinkowski and dr Dawid Obrzeżgiewicz. The workshops was an opportunity for  PhD students from PUEB to present their results of research: Konstantinos Madias presented concept of his dissertation: Predictors of the consumers' intention to apply smart water meters and the behavioural consequences of using them - research plan.  Marta Szaban presented results of qualitative research on: Identification of consumer perceived barriers influencing purchase behaviour of Green Personal Care Products. And Joanna Lemańczyk presented results of research: Research of creating shared value conception method: in-depth interviews.
Another topic discussed during the workshop was connected with the planned movie competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage students from all partnering universities (also PhD students) to create short movie on Sustainable Development / Sustainability / Innovations. The competitions will start in January 1 and the deadline is June  16 (http://cenetsie.ue.poznan.pl/movie/).
Participants of the workshop who visited University of Economics and Business in Prague are:
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia, 
  • Poznan University of Economics and Business,  Poland, 
  • The D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics Svishtov, Bulgaria,  
  • University of Szeged, Hungary, 
  • University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic,
  • University of Economics and Business in Prague, Czech Republic.

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