Department of Sociology and Philosophy was established on 1 October 1957. The academic nature of our school and university roots of the faculty made the sociological and philosophical trend very important in the research activity of the founding professors - Antoni Peretiatkowicz, Stefan Rosiński and Marcin Nadobnik. Many current scientists who are active in various economic disciplines are also interested in this trend, e.g. dr hab. Józef Orczyk, dr hab. Wacław Jarmołowicz, dr hab. Henryk Mruk, dr hab. Marek Ratajczak, dr hab. Kazimierz Rogoziński.Institutional and organizational conditions for conducting large-scale theoretical and empirical research on a variety of philosophical and sociological have existed at our university since 1956. Formally, the Department of Sociology was established on 1 September 1957 and its head became one of the most outstanding Polish sociologists, co-founder of the so-called. "Poznań school of sociology" - prof. dr hab Tadeusz Szczurkiewicz. The special, and probably the most basic feature, of the Department is that it is formed by a team of people who have worked together for years and new employees are recruited in the process of co-optation. Such a long-term cooperation creates complex, but very strong threads of communication, style of argumentation, ways of understanding the challenges and the definition of tasks and work objectives.And despite all differences between the team members, they have strong bond of sociological thinking preferences and community responsibility for their work at the Department, which has become a common good, a value per se that serves the others - the University and its students. A collection of the faculty’s publications includes more than 1500 items. It indicates the scale of the research work done at the Department and participation of individual employees.

In 2017 the Department changed the name to Department of Sociology and Business Ethics.