Research of members of Department of Sociology and Business Ethics focuses in the stream of social sciences, especially in the area of economics, sociology and philosophy. The analyses concern problems of social transformations in the economy, social and human capital (from micro- and macroeconomic perspective), as well as relations within social structure. In that scope, there is done research on issues associated with social communication. Scientific activity of the Department concerns also institutional conditions that are observed within social practice, among others: social policy, municipal housing and housing policy. In the context of studies regarding homelessness and social inequalities there are analysed also problems of difficult situation of the poorest. Research relates often social and economic aspects – especially in the case of analyses concerning social function of an enterprise (e.g. idea of CSR), problems associated with business ethics, sociology of work or social economics. It should be also emphasised philosophical dimension that could be observed in considerations of members of the Department, that are taken in the area of ethics and methodology of economics. In that scope research concerns moral aspects of economic life and scientific analyses. An important place in the research take considerations on methods and techniques of social studies as well as possibilities of explaining reality with application of economic theories. There are also analysed issues of modern social philosophy and philosophy of culture.