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PAZUR 18 - Roche & big data

3 listopada 2016 r., 18:00, 0.6 CEUE UEP
Zapraszamy na pierwsze po wakacjach spotkanie entuzjastów R, które odbędzie się 3 listopada 2016 r. o godzinie 18:00 w sali 0.6 CEUE UEP.

Tym razem będziemy gościć dwóch przedstawicieli firmy Roche (http://www.roche.pl ) - Marka Grzenkowicza (IT Expert - Business Intelligence & Big Data) oraz dra Dariusza Ratmana (Senior IT Professional / Computational Biologist).

1. Data warehousing on Hadoop - DOs and DON'Ts (Marek Grzenkowicz)

The brave new world of Big Data has been around for a while and its tools have been successfully applied to solve different problems. But is it a silver bullet? Is it really completely new? Can you forget the old truths of design, architecture and project management?

Medical laboratory instruments produce immense volumes of log files. Until recently, they were used only for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. However, hidden inside are insights that could allow the laboratory managers to streamline and optimize the diagnostic process. The goal of the StraDa project is to gather the log files from hundreds of Roche diagnostic instruments spread around the world and transform these TBs of data into a data warehouse.

We built it, but it wasn't a straightforward task.

Please come to learn about some of the mistakes we made and problems we encountered, so you can avoid them.

2. Automating gene expression analysis and visualisation with R/Bioconductor: bringing genomics results to scientists (Dariusz Ratman, PhD)

Rapid development of high-throughput technologies revolutionised the way we do biological research. Widespread use of new generation sequencing removed data acquisition bottleneck and allows for easy generation of vast amounts of complex data, which poses new challenges for today's researchers.

R language, together with Bioconductor provides a rich ecosystem of data structures and algorithms, which address many of the biological data analysis problems but effective use of these tools requires skills, which go beyond typical researcher abilities.

In my talk I will discuss how we're using R language as a core of the web-based framework to automate gene expression analysis and provide Roche/Genentech's scientists with the tools to analyse and understand their data.

Disclosure: due to copyrights the web application might not be presented during Dariusz Ratman talk.
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