Imię i nazwisko autora: Book, Wei, H-Y., J. Rykowski, and S. Dixit
Opis książki: Wifi, WiMAX, and Cellular Multihop Networks presents an overview of WiFi-based and WiMAX-based multihop relay networks. As the first text to cover IEEE 802.16j multihop hop relay technology, this revolutionary resource explores the latest advances in multi-hop and ad-hoc networking. Not only does this reference provide the technological aspects, but also the applications for the emerging technology and architectural issues. Ranging from introductory material to advanced topics, this guidebook, plus PowerPoint slides, is essential for engineers, researchers, and students interested in learning more about WiFi and WiMAX multihop relay networks.


Rok wydania: 2013
Miejsce wydania: Hoboken, USA
Katedra: KTI