15th IComSC 2019

Call for papers

Due to the lack of all official guidelines related to the publication score as part of the evaluation of the quality of scientific activities in Poland, it is planned to publish several monographs, from the level I (80 points) of the list of publishing house published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.


1. Management and product quality.

Quality management systems, 

Food and safety management system, 

Environmental management systems, 

Health and safety management systems, 

Process management, 

Methods and tools of quality management, 

Product and brand management, 

Product design.

 2. Food quality and safety.

Food safety and sustainability, 

Food processing and technology,

Food adulteration and authenticity, 

Bioactive compounds, 

Contaminants in food and feed, 

Functional foods and food additives, 

Instrumental analysis of food.

 3. Industrial products quality and the environment.

Cosmetics and household products, 

Packaging and logistics, 

Trends in ecological products and biomaterials, 

Nanotechnology and products quality, 

Environmental friendly products or technology, 
Life cycle assessment (LCA), 

Instrumental analysis of industrial goods.