Tiia Vissak is a Senior Researcher in International Business at the University of Tartu (Estonia). In 2008 she was a co-organizer of the 34th EIBA Annual Conference and in 2010 of the EACES Bi-Annual Conference (her main responsibility for both conferences was compiling the academic program).

Her research interests include linear and nonlinear internationalization (the pace, country and market entry mode selection, success factors, reasons for de- and re-internationalization), international entrepreneurship issues (the role of managers and other actors in internationalization, the role of subsidiaries in foreign owners’ networks and the factors affecting that role, family and immigrant entrepreneurship), management issues (especially, dishonesty), networks and strategic alliances (the roles of different actors and factors, the reasons of relationship dissolution), foreign direct investments (their negative and positive impact on specific countries and firms, but also the impacts of divestments) and transition and emerging economies (Estonian, but recently, also Chinese firms’ internationalization) and case studies (including the methodology for conducting them). She has published in several journals including International Business Review,Transformations in Business and Economics and Journal of East-West Business, and also books by Emerald, Edward Elgar, Springer, Routledge, Haworth Press and other publishers.

She is also a member of the European International Business Academy. She is a regular reviewer of International Business Review andJournal of East-West Business, and she has also reviewed articles in several other journals. More information about her can be found from https://www.etis.ee/portaal/isikuCV.aspx?PersonVID=3442&lang=en