Be a uPoznan Executive and make sure that the students' interests are served well at Poznan University of Economics and Business. Last year, Center for Studies in English established uPoznan to oversee our English students’ interests. Now it is your time to manage the organization for our own interests.  

To see the executive responsibilities, please follow the LINK.

The elected Executives shall be the uPoznan’s Board Members. They constitute in equal standing means all of them shall have equal right and power.

To submit the nomination, one shall provide the following details:

1. Your Name
2. Your Study Level, Programme and Year
3. Executive Position Applied for
4. Your Contact Email
5. Your Phone Number

Important Information
1. Candidates for the Executive positions shall be a full-time student enrolled with one of the programs offered in English at Poznan University of Economics and Business;
2. Vote will be collected ONLINE and counted under the supervision of CENTER FOR STUDIES IN ENGLISH's departmental Head or her authorized representative;
3. Election of the Executives shall require a simple majority of collected votes (50%+1) from the interim election;
4. The term of the office shall be as per the academic year of Poznan University of Economics and Business;
5. Newly elected executives shall resume the office within a week after announcing the election result.
GOOD LUCK with your nomination for the uPoznan Interim Election 2017!