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uPoznan Yearbook 2016-2017

Until 2016, PUEB had no organisation for the English students. This is why the uPoznan was established. uPoznan had no experience, no capital and no pre-defined standard but a few good people who wanted to help our students with their day-to-day challenges. Within our many limitations, over the year, we have realised a few initiatives. Some of them were appreciated highly & some of them could have been done differently.

In cooperation with the Center for Studies in English, uPoznan has realised all of their initials goals. Until now, uPoznan's most notable achievements are:

1. Developing the digital profile of students and student mentors;

2. Organising Orientation Day which includes PUEB campus tour and Poznan City orientation through a game, facilitating students to open bank accounts and buying health insurance at our campus, presenting what to do in the city of Poznan and also how to use the public transport in Poznan by a representative from Poznan City Hall and offering the immigration supports by the Migrant Info Point;

3. Hosting a welcome party for the newcomers;

4. Organising Immigration Day which includes presenting the rules and regulations concerning foreigners living in Poland by the representatives from Poznan Immigration Office and  Border Guard Authority; presenting the safety matters related to foreigners’ living in Poznan by the Poznan Police Authority and also the potential danger of sexual harassment in Poland; and filling the form for legalising and extending foreigners’ stay in Poland;

5. Taking students to Factory Outlet in Lubon;

6. Organising an international tour to Berlin, Germany;

7. Organising cultural event, named uPoznan Culture Vibe;

8. Hosting an international Christmas dinner;

9. Hosting a pre-exam stress relief meeting;

10. Post exam integration meeting;

11. uPoznan Photoshoot for PUEB’s promotional activities;

12. A beer company, Lech Brewery, visit in Poznan;

13. Integration party along with PUEB’s Student Parliament and ESN;

14. Coordinating to organise 2 open lectures at PUEB on ‘Corruption and Robbery’ and ‘Robin Hood's Business Intelligence’;

15. uPoznan Filming in Colour for PUEB’s promotional activities.


Apart from a few activities mentioned above, these initiatives were taken for the first time at our university.


Beside these, the most notable initiative the uPoznan has taken is mentoring the new arrivals. Though it is a new initiative, currently, 16 uPoznan mentors have been providing supports to 56 international students out of 76 new recruits for the 2016-2017 academic year. However, we could not reach to all the first year students  because many of them either had their own mentors provided by their agents or did not respond to our communications.

On a regular basis, uPoznan communicates with its members and inform all the important information relating to their studies at our university and living in Poznan and Poland. It also runs a birthday greeting programme, named BirthDayFication, and try to publish a birthday greeting card on their birthdays.


Under CSE’s auspices, uPoznan has also conducted 3 different surveys and prepared two reports, namely  ‘CSE Satisfaction Survey Report: Winter Semester of 2016-2017 academic year’ and ‘Xenophobia in Poland: Center for Studies in English Report’.

If you have the similar mentality, please join us. Together, let us make the internationals’ living in Poznan a memorable one.