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PUEB research projects

Export performance determinants of Polish firms in diverse institutional settings

Source of funding: National Science Centre, Poland
Funding Scheme: OPUS 14
Project ID number 2017/27/B/HS4/02344  
Start date: 31.07.2018
Finish date: 30.07.2020
Amount of funding: 201 544  zł
Export is the basic way companies operate on international markets. Its development is fostered by globalisation, as the growing interconnectedness and integration of economies and societies around the world have intensified on an unprecedented scale in recent decades, particularly through technological advances related to transport, communication technologies and economic liberalization. 

However, the new wave of increased scepticism towards globalization poses new challenges for companies and decision-makers in the field of economic policy and requires a more complete consideration of the institutional conditions for the internationalisation of enterprises and economies. Understanding the factors determining export activity in various institutional contexts is all the more important as there is agreement on the causal link between export expansion and economic growth. On the other hand, economies striving for greater diversification of their exports to exploit the potential of dynamically growing markets must simultaneously confront their trading partners from different institutional contexts, which poses new challenges for exporters. 

The purpose of the planned research is to analyse the determinants of the exporters' economic performance, taking into account the institutional factors on the country of origin and host countries, factors on the part of exporters and their abilities, as well as factors related to the business sector. The analysis will therefore concern the economy, sector and enterprise level. 

In the planned quantitative CATI survey on a representative sample of 500 exporters from the industrial processing sector, an attempt will be made to identify complex relationships between institutional and industry factors as well as export resources and organization by enterprises, as well as the effects of these relations on the economic performance of export projects, their durability and economic results at the level of exporting enterprises themselves. On the other hand, the complementary qualitative research on a sample of 8 exporters will lead to a better understanding of exporters' adaptation to a diversified business environment on foreign markets, as well as to create a typology of export development paths in various institutional contexts, taking into account the logic of their implementation.
Principal Investigator: 
dr hab. Piotr Trąpczyński

Department of International Competitiveness, Institute of International Business and Economics


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- dr hab. Arkadiusz Kawa, prof. nadzw. UEP, 

Department of Logistics and Transport, Faculty of Management

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- prof. dr Tilo Halaszovich 

Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany

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- dr Krystian Barłożewski

Collegium of Management and Finance, Warsaw School of Economics

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