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Erasmus+ 2019/2020

Our IRO invites you to take part in the Erasmus+ qualification for the academic year 2019/2020.

04 - 14.02.2019 on-line registration via the platform outgoing.ue.poznan.pl for language tests
18.02.2019 10-11.30 group 1, 12-13.30 group 2 English language test (Aula, building A.)
19.02.2019 10-11.30 German language test (room 308A)
19.02.2019 12.30-14.00 Spanish language test (room 308A)
20.02.2019 9.30-11.00 French language test (room 308A)
25.02.2019 start of on-line application for study visits on the platform outgoing.ue.poznan.pl
27.02.2019 10-13.30 Erasmus+ Fair, PUEB's Assembly Hall
04 - 05.03.2019 language test results
08.03.2019 end of applications for study trips and deadline for students to deliver their GPAs, confirmed by the Dean's Office
11 - 12.03.2019 verification of GPAs
21 - 22.03.2019 on-line information for qualified persons and confirmation of the offer by candidates via the platform outgoing.ue.poznan.pl
25 - 26.03.2019 providing information about available universities to students from the waiting list I and II (room 111A)
27.03.2019 10.00-11.00 Room 111 building A meeting with students from the waiting list I and II
02.04.2019 10.00-11.30 Room 111 building A meeting with people qualified for studies in the Erasmus + program.

The dates of meetings and tests may change due to the availability of lecture halls.

The list of universities is available only on the platform outgoing.ue.poznan.pl.

For more information please visit the room 221A.