Dear Students,

Poznań prides itself on successfully and visibly becoming more more diverse city, which many people choose for a good place to live in. As an important academic centre, we cherish the fact that so many young people decide to come to study in Poznan every year. Despite effort undertaken to make local people open and positive towards the growing presence of foreign citizens who are the city's asset, some people remain hostile and display their xenophobic and racist attitudes by writing and drawing hate speech on walls and in public space. Since 21 of May is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, we are launching a social campaign called #Poznanbeznienawisci (i.e. "Poznan without hate speech"). I would like to kindly invite you to participate in the event of erasing hate speech from public spaces in Poznań by painting the over. The action is scheduled for May 26th (Saturday), from 9:00 a.m to 1 p.m.

The locations designated for the social #Poznanbeznienawisci action are the following:


·  MPK Tram Stop PST Szymanowskiego

·   MPK Tram Stop PST Solidarności  

·  Św. Marii Magdaleny Street

·  Nadolnik – a few places in this area

·  Szamarzewskiego Street

·  Kazimierza Wielkiego Street

·  Rycerska Street

The whole event and the communal painting will also be filmed to later communicate the message that we disagree with hate speech and work together to get rid of it from public spaces.

I am also inviting those of you who would like to join the event as volunteers who animate the actions at different locations to a meeting for volunteers on Monday, May 14th, 4p.m. in the City Hall (pl. Kolegiacki 17), room 29. Obviously, all volunteers will receive a thank-you letter confirming their engagement.

Everybody is cordially welcome to join us on Saturday, May 26th.

Please, confirm your participation in the volunteer meeting by sending an email to marta_mazurek@um.poznan.