Poznań University of Economics and Business currently offers three 1-year open enrollment postgraduate studies in English:
"Business Accounting - in cooperation with CIMA"
"Accounting and Financial Management – Basic Level"
"Accounting and Financial Management – Advanced Level"
Besides we offer more than 70 programmes of postgraduate studies in Polish.

Open enrollment short training courses are offered in Polish. However we can deliver tailored programs in English, both postgraduate studies and short training courses. We can prepare a customized program for a specific client. The program can be entirely tailored to the learning needs of a specific group. Courses can cover lots of economic topics.

If you want us to prepare a tailored program proposal, do not hesitate to contact us:

Training Section (a few day training courses)
+48 61 854 3080/3918

Postgraduate Studies Office (1-year postgraduate studies)
+48 61 854 3063