General description

In the new RIE project, we are expanding the scope of tasks undertaken from both a subject-oriented perspective (including doctoral students) and an object-oriented perspective (covering new research topics and threads). Additionally, we will strengthen the internal ecosystem for conducting scientific work and teaching at PUEB, with particular emphasis on publishing, library resources, IT support, and marketing activities.

For the years 2024-2027, we plan to:

I. As part of developing, enhancing the quality, and internationalizing scientific research in the field of transformation towards Economy 5.0

1.Establishing a Greater Poland Center for Research on Economy 5.0 by expanding the work conducted under the RID 2019-2023 project and exploring new research areas within the field of Economy 5.0.

2. Conducting training sessions for scientists and supporting staff involved in research on Economy 5.0, including dedicated workshops and individual methodological consultations.

3. Strengthening the substantive and technical infrastructure for research on Economy 5.0 and building a globally recognizable forum for scientific discussion on research topics.

II. As part of improving the quality of education at all levels of studies, with particular emphasis on the UEP Doctoral School:

4. Strengthening competencies, integration, and activation of participants in the UEP Doctoral School.

5. Utilizing research findings on the transformation towards Economy 5.0 in organizing the teaching process.

III. As part of increasing the impact of research conducted at UEP on the socio-economic environment:

6. Popularizing research results on Economy 5.0 in the local and regional community.

7. Intensifying cooperation with businesses, local governments, non-profit organizations, and social partners.

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