Partner Club

PUEB Partner Club is a platform aimed at connecting science and business. It is a path to specialised knowledge, place for exchange of unique experiences and opinions, and a way to establish valuable contacts.

The Partner Club is a cooperation platform, giving rise to initiatives taking account of the interest of people willing to succeed on competitive entrepreneurial markets, students and graduates aspiring to meet the growing demands of prospective employers, as well as academics striving to apply their abundant knowledge in practice.

Our main joint projects!

Multidirectional action aimed at ensuring the best possible conditions for a fruitful and rewarding cooperation.

  • Chill-out zones for students

    The new spaces with designer sofas and tables are very popular with students. They meet there to prepare for classes and to hang out with friends.

    Our premises currently feature zones that have been established in partnership with the following companies:

    • Franklin Templeton Investments,
    • Eurocash,
    • Nivea,
    • Lidl,
    • VW Group.
  • Executives in Residence

    The Executives in Residence initiative at Poznań University of Economics and Business is a new program for working with high-level international executives who are actively involved in the university community, sharing their values in various ways. Our Executives in Residence can be seen at various conferences, debates, open lectures, and other events.

  • Leaders for students

    The ‘Leaders for Students’ project aims to support the connections with PUEB alumni that have been developed and nurtured over the years.

    The objective of the project is establishing a network of alumni, practitioners and experts who are eager to take part in the activities held at the University.

  • ZOOM in on business

    Online meetings with entrepreneurs from Partner Club to address  current challenges in the changing business world.

    Meetings that have been held:

    Charity or investment? Does goodness come back? – dr Mariusz Szeib.

    Can simplified restructuring save a company from bankruptcy? – Andrzej Głowacki, the CEO of DGA SA.

    Imperative for profit – rise and fall – a lecture and a conversation of prof. dr. hab. Piotr Banaszyk, Head of the Department of Logistics PUEB and  dr. hab. Paweł Chudziński, the CEO of Aquanet SA.

    ”How they see you, how they hear you, how they read you – that’s how they judge you” – Ewa Brok.


    JOB SPOT at Poznań University of Economics and Business is one of the biggest events addressed at the academic community in Poznań. We meet students’ expectations and take measures to help them better understand the realities of the job market.

    Since 2003, we have consistently received support for this initiative from a prestigious group of companies and institutions in Wielkopolska.

    At the same time, the event provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach out directly to our university’s students and attract job candidates who meet their expectations.

  • Job Talk

    Job talk is a series of events for students and alumni who want more and better. For people willing to improve their competencies and aiming to increase the standard of their professional life. These are people who want to keep up with the changes taking place in business and understand that development is not only a good investment, but also a necessity.

    Find out:

    • How to plan for the future and optimize one’s potential on the job market?
    • What can affect the result of a job interview even before it starts?
    • How to discover one’s own entrepreneurial potential?
    • How to set up an innovative business?
  • Academic Initiative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of PUEB

    The Academic Initiative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of PUEB was launched in the academic year 2019/2020 as part of the project “Creation and Development of the Academic Initiative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of PUEB”, financed by Santander Universidades. Its primary objective is to improve the utilization of PUEB’s staff potential by fostering closer collaboration among the team responsible for research and education in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Partner Club Businesses

PUEB Partner Club consists of renowned companies and top employers cooperating with the University!

All for One Poland

We are the leader of SAP services in Poland. As part of the All for One Group, we are one of the leading companies on the SAP market in Central Europe. For nearly 25 years (up to 2021 as SNP Poland and up to 2017 as BCC), we have been providing the full range of implementation, development and maintenance of SAP systems. We also provide IT security services.

Amica JSCo

Amica JSCo is the biggest Polish Producer of household appliances and one of the most renowned companies listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Despite the growing competition from abroad, Amica remains the leader in its home market with an 18 per cent share. Not only is it the most prominent brand of household appliances in Poland, but it is also valued by consumers abroad. The consistent improvement of technological solutions and stylish designs has led to 70% of the company's revenue being generated in over 50 foreign markets today.

Aquanet JSCo.

Aquanet JSCo. is one of the leading water supply companies in Poland. We operate according to the highest quality standards. We care for our nearly 900,000 residents by constantly improving the quality of the services we provide. The companies’ operation is sustainable. We are guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility. We constantly undertake actions that prepare us for the social, environmental, and economic challenges of our industry. Aquanet’s operation is primarily providing clean water and wastewater disposal. In the interest of the environment, we are also focused on managing sludge and reducing the use of fossil fuels in favour of biogas.

Biofarm Ltd.

One of top pharmaceutical companies with Polish capital. For over 30 years they have been investing in development and new technologies, in collaboration with the top-class experts. They have their own Research and Development Centre, where a highly-qualified team of specialists work on state-of-the-art therapeutical solutions. Their own solutions account for 80% of their portfolio. Over 93% of medicines are produced in the factory in Poznań.


CDRL JSCo. is a Polish company which includes the following brands: Coccodrillo, Lemon Explore, Broel, and Petit Bijou. It is also a strategic partner of Fikołki – playrooms for children. We also manage the brand of Buslik, which operates a chain of large-format shops with products for children in Belaruss. What makes us unique is our full involvement at every stage of the product life-cycle – from design and choice of materials, through production to distribution and final customer service. Our garments are available in 73 firm shops in Poland, 159 partner outlets, as well as 225 shops abroad in Europe, Asia, and Africa.


DGA is a dynamically developing consulting and investment group. The parent company of the Capital Group is DGA S.A., which operates under the motto 'We support the Great Tomorrows'. It creates the future of companies by providing professional and comprehensive support as an adviser and investor. Holding the "Listed Company" emblem, DGA is committed to applying the recommendations and principles of corporate governance to strengthen transparency and improve the quality of communication with investors.

Eurocash Group

We are the largest company in Poland focused on wholesaling fast-moving food, household chemicals, alcohol, and tobacco products, as well as providing marketing support for independent shops across the country. By combining our business experience with the entrepreneurial spirit of local shop owners and the commitment of Eurocash Group employees, we aim to become the leading FMCG distributor in Poland.


In a world changing more rapidly than ever, our purpose is as clear as the 'North Star', guiding our more than 300,000 employees in the right direction. It provides deep meaning and significance to the work we do every day. Among other things, we assist digital pioneers in fighting data piracy, provide guidance to governments during liquidity crises, facilitate new treatments through data analytics, and perform high-quality audits to build confidence in financial markets and the broader business community. In other words, we work with entrepreneurs, businesses, and governments from various countries, to solve their most pressing problems. Through our four integrated business lines: audit, business advisory, tax and transactional advisory, as well as relying on our in-depth industry knowledge, we help our clients to tap into their market opportunities and assess and manage risks to ensure sustainable growth. Our multidisciplinary teams assist our clients in meeting the regulatory requirements, informing investors, and fulfilling stakeholders’ needs.

Fielmann Ltd.

Fielmann is a new format of a specialist optic store. We already have 20 stores in Poland and over 700 in Europe.
Our stores present the entire world of eyewear fashion: more than 2,000 spectacles, super-fashionable frames from the Fielmann collection, frames from internationally renowned brands and designers. Corrective eyewear with an attractive design and eyeglass lenses of the highest quality, meeting all requirements for comfortable vision.

Franklin Templeton

From large institutions to individual investors: as a matter of fact, all our clients want the same thing – achieving their own financial objectives. For over 75 years we have been assisting them in fulfilling these objectives. All Franklin Templeton’s actions focus on ensuring the best results for our clients. That is why millions of clients from 155 countries have entrusted us with the management of their investments, making us one of the largest asset management organisations in the world.

Grant Thornton Frąckowiak SAS

Grant Thornton is one of the leading audit and consulting companies worldwide. We have been operating in Poland since 1993. With the team of 900 employees and 8 offices in key cities, we cater for the needs of 2.3 thousand clients annualy. We operate in 140 countries and employ over 62 thousand people. Our history dates back to 1904. “Five for the world”, i.e. all our actions aimed at sustainable development, including care for clients, care for each other, for the wellbeing of the community, the Polish economy, as well as our planet’s future, have been noticed and appreciated by both the business environment and the network of companies operating under the brand of Grant Thornton worldwide.

Imperial Tobacco Polska JSCo

Imperial Tobacco Polska JSCo is a part of the international concern Imperial Brands, specialising in tobacco and non-tobacco products. It operates two factories in Poland: in Jankowice near Poznań and in Radom. Imperial Tobacco invests in the future, by developing the industry, and adopting new technologies and new machines. In 2019 Imperial Tobacco was awarded the prestigious certificates Top Employer Polska and Top Employer Europe for creating exceptional working conditions.

JRR Investments Ltd.

JRR Investments Ltd. is a private investment company established in 2017 with the purpose of exclusive management of the assets of its founders. JRR Investments is involved in a wide range of investments, and due to its flexibility it can invest in diversified asset classes.

Kreisel Technika Budowlana Ltd.

KREISEL - Technika Budowlana Ltd. is one of the leading producers of construction materials in Poland. We combine German precision and Polish hard work. We are one of the leaders in the construction chemicals sector - we manufacture, among other things, tile adhesives, gypsum and plasters. We are continuously developing our plants and sales network.
Our company dates back to 1976, when Norbert Kraisler founded the first factory in Germany. For 40 years we have built up our market position so that today we are part of the elite European construction group FIXIT GRUPPE, with 68 factories in 19 countries under the brand names KREISEL, HASIT, RÖFIX, FIXIT and GREUTOL.


For many years mBank has been the synonym of innovative solutions in banking. We were the first fully online bank in Poland, and today we are leading the way in mobile and online banking. We are one of the strongest and the fastest developing financial brands in Poland, since 1992 listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We encourage and inspire development. We have introduced the Gallup methodology of strengths, to help staff diagnose their talents and we model their individual development processes.

Mastercard Europe JSCo.

For over 50 years, Mastercard has been revolutionizing the way people pay and receive payments. Their commitment to innovation supports growing businesses, improves the consumer payment experience and contributes to the development of a more inclusive financial system worldwide. Their ground-breaking solutions power one of the world's fastest payment processing networks, making transactions faster, easier, more accessible and more secure.

MTP – Poznań International Fair

For years, we have been known as the 'Polish window to the world' and mainly associated with organizing trade fairs, but our range of activities is much broader. Today, in addition to our world-renowned business trade fairs, we organise congresses, conferences, cultural and sporting events, including mega-events, which annually attract more than 1 million visitors from all over the world. What sets us apart is the stature, reach and quality of the events we organise. We aim to create and manage the most influential, memorable, and interesting events in the selected sectors and themes in Poland and Central–Eastern Europe, which attract decision-makers and plenty of other participants. We integrate the best content, attractive locations and a range of advanced services, making an event a true success - from its technical handling, space arrangement, stand construction and catering services to the market analysis, consultancy and comprehensive marketing services. We have the best exhibition and conference facilities in the very centre of Poznań, but our experience and competence allows us to organise events anywhere in Poland, indoors and outdoors.


NIVEA stands for over 100 years of building expertise in body care. Today we tap into this experience, developing more and more innovative products that improve the life quality of millions of consumers worldwide. The story of NIVEA is an exciting tale of discovering superior solutions, of gaining experience and broadening horizons in modern skin and hair care; it is a challenging journey over many decades, during which we have gained not only knowledge, but also the trust and loyalty of consumers across the globe.


NOVOL is a multinational producer of materials for automotive paint industry. From the beginning, high quality has been our highest priority, which is why all products are made from selected raw materials supplied from all over the world using modern technology.

Pfeifer&Langen Polska JSCo.

One of the largest producers of sugar in Poland, known for its popular Diamant brand. Every year, they produce 600,000 tons of sugar, which is purchased daily by Polish families. This company’s products are also used by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as by large multinational corporations.

PSI Polska Ltd.

PSI Polska Ltd. based in Poznań is a part of a multinational concern PSI Software AG, which uses its own software to provide comprehensive solutions for effective management of supply chains of goods and Energy.

Santander Universidades

The purpose of the framework agreement is to foster collaboration between PUEB and Santander Universidades in the execution of academic, technological, and scientific initiatives, programmes, projects, or services. The scope of cooperation includes: implementing projects to improve the quality of education, supporting research activities, carrying out projects and publishing their results, improving institutional management of academic centres, increasing the availability of training programmes, promoting international exchanges, popularising cooperation programmes. The PUEB and its teaching and research units will be supported through the implementation of educational and research projects which promote, among other things, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

Skarbiec Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych JSCo.

Skarbiec TFI JSCo. was established in 1997, as the fifth investment fund company in Poland. We are a licensed financial institution that manages investment funds and portfolios, focusing on reducing investment risks.

Toyota Bońkowscy

We are a company with many years of experience in the automotive industry. We specialize in trading in new and used cars. Our offer includes a wide range of Toyota car models, such as: Corolla, RAV4, Yaris, or Camry. Also the increasingly popular hybrid and electric models are on offer.

Volkswagen Poznań

Volkswagen Poznań is a factory of commercial vehicles and components. For over 15 years, VW Caddy and VW Transporter models have been manufactured in Poznań. From here, these cars are sold all over the world. Volkswagen Poznań is currently the largest employer in Wielkopolska and one of the largest in the country.


Żabka is a chain of small and convenient shops, which meets the needs of millions of customers on a daily basis. It has been present on the Polish market for 24 years and during this time it has consolidated its leading position in the modern convenience segment. The chain’s main idea is to be close to its customers and offer them a wide range of services, allowing for quick shopping and an option to enjoy a hot snack at Żabka Cafe. Żabka’s main asset are people. Our commercial success would not be possible without the hard work and engagement of the top-class experts who run our shops. To develop the chain together, all of us must follow the same principles and have the same objectives.

Authorities of the Partner's Club

Karolina Niementowska

  • Director of Corporate Communications of the MTP Group

Dr hab. inż. Paweł Chudziński

  • President of the Board of Aquanet S.A.

Andrzej Głowacki

  • CEO at DGA S.A.

Agnieszka Olenderek

  • Member of the Management Board Finance, Procurement and IT Volkswagen Poznań Company

Anna Okonkowska

  • HR Director of CDRL S.A.

Maja Rutkowska

  • Head of HR area at Amica Group

Katarzyna Przewęzikowska

  • Public Relations and CSR Manager at Żabka Polska

Marcin Szymanowski

  • Head of Corporate Branch Poznań mBank S.A.

Sponsor packages

Academic and business environment work together to create the best space for cooperation. This cooperation guarantees value added generation. The sum of all competences is a foundation for unique potential and capital.

  • Bronze package

    Bronze package

    • Enabling implementation of 6 PR campaigns in the area of PUEB (stands at the Partner Club matrix, CA, 2nd floor of the main building).
    • Creating company’s subpage for PUEB Business
    • Possibility to use the title of a Partner of Poznań University of Economics and Business
    • Participation in job spots – job fairs (online)
    • Earlier access to information on post-graduate studies, workshops and courses organized at PUEB
    • Possibility to conduct 4 workshops, combined with recruitment (topics agreed with PUEB, at the seat of PUEB, online version)
    • Possibility to give open lectures with a business practicioner (topics agreed with PUEB, online version)
    • Possibility to conduct workshops as part of job-talks (soft skills workshops, meetings for PUEB students and graduates, at the seat of PUEB, online version
    • Possibility to present job offers, internships and practices offered by the company (career office website)
    • Assistance in reaching academic groups and student organization, in order to cooperate on specific projects
    • Possibility to participate in prestigious events organized by Poznań University of Economics and Business (gaining financial support for the idea).

    Cost: 5000 PLN/year

  • Silver package

    Silver package

    • Assistance in organization of meetings/events for PUEB graduates employed in the Company (renewal of diplomas, reunions)
    • Presentation of the company in an album (if the majority of the package is chosen)
    • PR advertisement on University’s screens (decision of the Infrastructure Management Department)
    • Participation in joint CSR campaigns
    • Company’s advertisement on the floor (as a sticker)
    • Silver welcome package (University bags and T-shirts)

    Cost: 10 000 PLN/year

  • Gold package

    Gold package

    • Silver package
    • Participation in projects implemented with the employer – tailor-made (trainings)
    • Possibility of business patronage over a particular major or specialty
    • Article prepared by the company and posted on LinkedIn (once a month)
    • PARTNER/GRADUATE chair (PUEB auditorium)
    • Possibility to prepare diploma theses taking account of the Company’s needs
    • Possibility to conduct commissioned research (in agreement with S.C., individual quotation as per the company demand/focus groups, ux, etc.)
    • Discounts on trainings, post-graduate studies (in agreement with CEM)
    • Business video presenting collaboration between the Company and PUEB
    • Lunch with the Rector
    • Invitation to the Celadon Ball
    • Gold welcome package (University bags and sweatshirts, pins)

    Cost: 20 000 PLN/year


External Relations Unit Al. Niepodległości 10 61-875 Poznań

Mgr Karolina Szuman Deputy Head
Building A, room no 227

External Relations Unit
Al. Niepodległości 10
61-875 Poznań

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