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Our student organisations

  • AIESEC International student organisation

    Every year we run a number of educational projects with volunteers from abroad for schools across the Wielkopolska region. We offer opportunities for students to go on volunteer and internship placements abroad, or find their dream internship or job at the Career Days expo.

  • Challenger

    Our flagship projects:

    Challenger magazine – the magazine for junior economists.

    A periodical covering economic, social and economic issues. It is published in both hard copy and electronic form. The aim of the magazine has been to create a place where students can publish their first research papers. The magazine is published every six months. The first issue premiered in May 2015.

  • Erasmus Student Network

    ESN UE Poznań is a local section of ESN that has been operating at the Poznań University of Economics and Business since 2007.

    It was founded by Magda Głowacka and Magda Kobielarz. As an organisation bringing together students full of positive energy, passion and commitment, we have managed to build up a strong and highly reputable image for ESN! Each and every member of ESN UE Poznan is an outgoing, creative and community-oriented person, which is why our primary goal is to foster a more flexible and mobile educational environment.

    How do we do it?

    The answer is simple! We are fully involved in student exchanges at various levels; we support, promote and develop them! Owing to our creativity, we strive to provide students (including those who do not go abroad) with multiple intercultural experiences.

    Our main goal is to assist exchange students before, during and after their stay abroad.

  • AEGEE European Student Forum

    The AEGEE Poznań European Student Forum is one of the oldest, largest and most active divisions in Central and Eastern Europe. We have a presence at all major European events and take an active part in shaping the future of our organisation. Our antenna brings together about 40 students from the largest universities in Poznań (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań University of Technology, University of Economics and Business, University of Life Sciences). We organise projects in various forms: discussion panels, conferences, debates, training sessions and meetings. They address issues such as ecology, active citizenship, European integration, cultural exchange, negotiation, coaching. But in fact every idea has a chance of being implemented, as the themes of subsequent projects depend on the creativity and commitment of the people who decide to join AEGEE.

  • NZS - Independent Students' Association

    NZS PUEB is a unit of the Independent Students’ Association – the largest Polish students’ organisation. For over 40 years we have been bringing together remarkable students who are actively involved in shaping the academic reality.

    It is our mission to empower the student community and build a civic society!

    We organise, demonstrate, create and discuss. Both local university and national issues are important to us, often requiring cooperation with the business world and other organisations.

  • PBDA Consulting

    For more than 10 years we have been helping our clients prepare for entry into new markets, launch new products or expand sales. We are active in all areas where market information is important.

    We are an independent organisation, created solely by students. We operate under the supervision of research staff at Poznań University of Economics and Business. Owing to this, we can offer high quality solutions at a competitive price.

  • RAPP Academic Movement Against the Current

    We are a nationwide Christian student organisation founded in 1993.

    RAPP brings together students who want to pursue a life of friendship with God and inspire others to do the same. We want to grow socially, emotionally and spiritually and our values are: faith, relationships and growth. Our initiatives and activities revolve around those values. RAPP is an amazing adventure during your time at university, where you gain precious experiences and relationships for life.

  • Cognitis Student Association

    The Cognitis Student Association is a non-governmental organisation for students of economics, law and technical studies who are interested in the consultancy industry. There are currently about 100 members of the Association operating at universities in three cities: Poznań, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

    The focus of the Association is on acquiring tangible professional knowledge and skills, primarily in the scope of consultancy – from management consulting, mergers, acquisitions and fund operations, through legal, financial and investment banking consultancy to accounting consultancy and auditing. It is an excellent and probably the fastest way to learn management and achieve a high level of skills right from the start of your career.

    Cognitis is designed for people who are interested in the comprehensive development of their personalities and for whom it is important to prepare for their future careers, develop their knowledge, shape their character, emotions and reason, as well as foster family values.

  • Business Centre Club Student Forum

    The mission of the Business Centre Club Student Forum is to foster entrepreneurial attitudes among young Poles.

    Through our activities, we seek to inspire, educate and motivate young people by proving that being active, daring and taking initiative is a recipe for success.

Important information

Student organisations at the Poznań University of Economics and Business are voluntary associations of students, whose aims include the development of community-oriented attitudes, as well as cultural and sporting interests.

Members of student organisations, within the scope of their activities, are entitled to:

– apply for financial support,

– use the University’s infrastructure,

– take an active part in the University’s research, social and cultural events.

Detailed information on the rules governing the operation of student organisations at PUEB and the financing of their activities can be found in the side panel.

Requisition - a request for co-financing of a specific purchase (ticket, attendance at a conference, etc.).

In order to apply for co-financing for the purchase of goods or services, the completed requisition should be submitted to the e-mail address or delivered to the Social and Scholarship Affairs Team.  After processing the request, the staff of the Social and Scholarship Affairs Team will notify the applicant of the acceptance of the request or of the grounds for its non-acceptance.

Requests can be submitted until 30 November.

Funds that have not been allocated by this date (i.e. have not been included in any requisition) are then made available to the PUEB Student Parliament.

A document informing the University authorities of the planned activities for the coming calendar year.

Student organisations operating at the University are required to submit an action plan. The plan can be submitted in:

– an abridged version, if the organisation does not wish to apply for funding for its activities,

– a detailed version, if the organisation wishes to use the funds earmarked for socio-cultural activities.

The plan should be submitted by 25 November to the Chairperson of the Financial Council, in accordance with Art. 4.1 of the PUEB Student Government Regulations, at and at

Please include the name of your organisation in the subject line.

Statement of activities - a mandatory document even when not receiving funds from the University

Student organisations are obliged to submit a statement of activities, including the use of funds disbursed from the University’s budget, once a year.

The statement must include:

– all activities undertaken,

– funds disbursed from the fund for social and cultural activities (submitted via ZSSiS),

– funds received from other University bodies, e.g. the Rector or the International Relations Department.

The requirement is fulfilled by submitting the document to the Financial Council by the 25th of November, in accordance with Art. 3.4 of the PUEB Student Government Regulations at: and at

Please include the name of your organisation in the subject line.

Rules of operation of student bodies. Regulation No. 62 of 2022 of the PUEB Rector.

The principles governing the operation and funding of student organisations at PUEB are compiled in the following document: Rules for the operation of student and doctoral bodies and the allocation of funds by the Poznań University of Economics and Business for the implementation of their activities.

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