STRATEGY of Poznań University of Economics and Business for the Years 2021-2024


With a sense of social responsibility, we conduct innovative research and educate leaders of the future.

Our mission assumes that:

  • We cultivate the tradition of our University created by entrepreneurs and draw on the experience of a dynamically developing region.
  • We set trends in scientific research.
  • We educate leaders who build a better social and economic reality.
  • We are a source of expert solutions and innovations for private and public sector entities.
  • We respect the environment by acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

In pursuing our mission, we act in accordance with the following VALUES, i.e. principles which we consider important on a daily basis:

  • We are OPEN to other people and the ever-changing world.
  • We are RESPONSIBLE for the quality of education and research, as well as our environment.
  • We are BOLD in our thinking and WISE in our actions.
  • We are COMPETENT and TRUSTWORTHY as a partner for business, public administration and non-governmental organisations.

We strive for a continuous development, therefore THE VISION OF THE POZNAŃ UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS assumes the following:
By 2030, PUEB is to become a university bringing together an international academic community, contributing to world economic knowledge, supporting development of modern business and enhancing social progress in accordance with the sustainable development goals.

The Strategy of Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB) defines the University’s development policy for the years 2021 – 2024

The following document has been created on the basis of the SWOT analysis, the diagnosis of the most important trends and recommendations of organizations responsible for granting international accreditations, as well as on experiences of the co-creators of this strategy. All of us are responsible for the strength of the University, this is why the strategy is an effect of an intense cooperation between the Team specially dedicated for this purpose, as well as consultations with employees, doctoral students, students, and the University’s Council. The work on this project embraced not only strategic meetings with the University community, but also qualitative group interviews with: office administration workers, research-didactic employees, Polish and English-speaking students, and doctoral students.

One of the main principles for the creation of the strategy was to make it more simple, including a clear mission, values, and vision of PUEB with which every employee, doctoral student and student of the University could identify. Moreover, we formulated only three strategic objectives to which a few ambitious specific objectives refer. Simplification also presumes ultimately the automatization of control and reporting of achieved results, which allows us to accomplish the objectives more effectively. We have also planned an annual verification of the strategy and scheduled actions. The strategy which has been linked to the Multiannual Work and Budget Plans for 2021 – 2024, which presumes the balancing of the University activity costs with the revenue. Simultaneously, it is also thought to fully realise the adopted strategy.

PUEB is an active member of the conference of academic schools in Poland (KRUE, CRASP) and in Europe (European University Association), we are faithful to the principles formulated in Magna Charta Universitatum and principles for responsible management education (PRME). PUEB’s strength is its image as one of the leading economic Universities in Poland. We also take pride in international accreditations, including AMBA and CEEMAN IQA. Our University gets experience from the dynamic growth of the Greater Poland region where it is localized, and the strategy refers to the tradition of the University established in 1926 by entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we take into consideration challenges and problems of the modern world and we concentrate on teaching managerial skills, creative and critical thinking and social responsibility attitudes. It is our belief that future leaders who leave our University will create a better social-economic reality by working actively in corporations, state administration, non-governmental organizations as well as local and international communities.

Realization of the strategy depends on many internal and external conditions, as well as taking advantage of chances and escaping threats from the environment. From the very beginning PUEB takes part in discussions of public university in Poznan on the prospective establishment of the federation of the schools in Poznan. Within the meaning of the higher education Act of July 20, 2018, the federation guarantees independence and identity of the university with simultaneous benefits coming from the cooperation and better recognition, also on an international level. If a federation of Poznan universities comes into being, PUEB will be its part (the University Senate will decide on it) under condition that the membership will make the realization of the University’s strategic objectives easier.

We engage in the realization of the strategic objectives enthusiastically and responsibly to make our University a recognized school not only in Poland but also on the international arena.

Prof. Maciej Żukowski
Rector of Poznań University of Economics and Business

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