Academic Counselling

Students looking for psychological consultations are invited to contact the Acedemic Counsellor for PUEB students.

We encourage you to contact the Acedemic Counsellor and make an appointment individually via e-mail:

When writing an e-mail regarding consultations, please provide your name and surname, student ID number, field of study and year of study, and clearly indicate that you are a PUEB student.

For PUEB students, the above consultations are free.


The Service in mainly for students who experience difficulties in studying and would like to receive psychological support aimed at:

– effective learning and studying,

– catching up on any backlog in studies,

– overcoming barriers in studying resulting from cognitive or emotional-motivational difficulties,

– effective time management,

– coping with stress, incl. taking exams,

– undertaking and meeting ambitious life challenges,

– satisfying fulfilment in relationships with other people.


During consultations, students can better recognize their preferences and predispositions in terms of effective learning. With the help of the counsellor, students have the opportunity to develop appropriate methods of mastering the study material applicable to their needs. They can also familiarize themselves with selected learning techniques and try them out in practice.


As part of the consultations, they have the opportunity to solve psychological tests or use experimental diagnostic methods aimed at obtaining information on cognitive functioning in specific areas, which allows them to identify possible cognitive deficits of students, which may hinder their educational success. Thanks to the information obtained this way, it is possible to search for an appropriate strategy for overcoming learning difficulties and to search for effective forms of support.

In justified cases, the counsellor, after consultation with students, prepares letters addressed to the University Authorities and Lecturers. Such letters contain information, for example, about his support for providing students with forms of aid during studies that are adequate to their special needs. Because the Service is confidential, we would need your consent to do so.


Consultations are also used to build motivation to study, manage time, develop skills, take exams, deal with stress during exams and tests, and in case of backlog in studies, as well as in other life situation, also outside the university.


Counselling sessions may also be devoted to recognizing your strengths and life priorities and the ways of their implementation, improving psychosocial functioning at the university and beyond, e.g. by finding areas of commitment that are important to you, developing the ability to resolve conflicts and the ability to create favourable social circumstances for you and others based on mutual kindness, trust and cooperation.

In some cases, consultations also apply to a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, as well as planning a student’s educational and professional development path after the end of the current stage of studies.


Academic Counsellor for PUEB students
dr Julita Wojciechowska

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