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The studies at the Poznań University of Economics and Business are characterized by a practical approach. They guarantee good career prospects with earnings above the national average (according to the Sedlak & Sedlak ranking). The study curriculum provides the graduates with qualifications required from the management personnel, high-class specialists and business leaders. The feedback from the labor market shows, that our graduates are highly valued and are quickly advancing in their careers.

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    Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Program offered at the Poznan University of Economics and Business (PUEB) provides students with unparalleled knowledge and competence in making economic and business decisions in globalized world and managing different organizations across national boundaries and diverse cultures.

    BBA students complete a comprehensive and competitive program led by the PUEB faculty. The program’s mission is to develop and disseminate leading-edge knowledge concerning the theory and practice of economics and business in the globalized world. A multitude of political, social and cultural forces drive economic and business decisions in world. To understand these forces, students need to learn about and to understand the many challenges faced by today’s companies, individuals and economies. These include resource scarcity, economic growth, financial crises, climate change, or inequalities. The program BBA views the classical studies in business administration within a global context and combines them with political science, international relations, sociology, management.

    The BBA program equips students with world-class knowledge and strong analytical skills required in professional environment.


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    Ovierview of tracks

    With the Bachelor in Business Administration you can choose between specializing in International Business and Management (IBM), or Global Economics (GE).
    In the first year, you will be introduced to subjects from both areas (introductory courses), and so by the second year, you will have enough experience to choose the track that best suits your interests and career plans.

    Both tracks share common subjects, such as the cultural diversity, sustainability in economics and business, applied qualitative methods or international economic relations.

    Taking one of these tracks means acquiring an extra specialization that will enable you to expand your professional opportunities: you can develop your career in the world of business (IBM track) or the international economics and politics (GE track), both in international organizations, related consultancies, and multinational and SME companies.

    Programme structure

    BBA covers different areas of study. All of the courses create a comprehensive and challenging bachelor program.


    1ST YEAR COURSES are the same for all BBA students:
    – Mathematics
    – Microeconomics
    – Elements of law
    – Fundamentals of finance
    – Computer information system in business
    – Fundamentals of management
    – Academic discourse and study skills
    – Organizational behavior
    – Financial accounting
    – Macroeconomics
    – Statistics for business & economics
    – Fundamentals of marketing
    – Sports
    – Foreign language
    – Health and safety course

    After the first year of studies, students choose the tracks: International Business or Global Economics.

    – Principles of corporate finance
    – Managerial accounting
    – International strategic management
    – International economic relations
    – Digital marketing in international marketplace
    – Elective course
    – Exporting and importing
    – Market research
    – Foreign market entry and growth
    – Entrepreneurship and innovation
    – Foreign language
    – Seminars

    – Cultural diversity and customer behavior
    – International trade – advanced course
    – E-business
    – Applied project management
    – Applied quantitative methods (with R)
    – Business financing
    – Business plan essentials
    – International human resource management
    – Leadership in business
    – Sustainability in business and economics
    – Foreign language
    – Elective course
    – Seminar

    – Geopolitics
    – Consumer culture and marketing
    – International economic relations
    – Principles of corporate finance
    – Comparative political economy
    – International development
    – Sociology
    – Geoeconomics
    – Business, politics and society
    – Market research
    – Elective course
    – Foreign language
    – Seminar

    – Global financial markets and instruments
    – World economic history
    – Globalization: economics, politics & business
    – Applied quantitative methods (with R)
    – Applied macroeconomic analysis
    – Cultural diversity & customer behavior
    – International trade policy
    – Industrial organization
    – Sustainability in business and economics
    – Elective courses
    – Foreign language
    – Seminars

    Career opportunities

    Our BBA program will open up a world of possibilities for you. First of all, it allows you to continue to study a Master’s degree – to broaden or deepen your economic and business knowledge.

    The BBA program develops the skills necessary to start a career as:
    – a highly qualified specialist in different types of organization (a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations, public administration units, local, regional or national government) – mostly GE track
    – managers of operational, financial, analytical departments in international corporations or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating on a national and international scale – mostly IBM track
    – business people, running your own firms in domestic and international markets – both tracks

    Remember: You shape your own future! And we want just to help you.


    This is an elite and interdisciplinary program in English, which combines both general knowledge in the field of economics and management as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of finance. During Finance you learn how to understand the contemporary finance and economics and how to use the tools to make financially responsible and ethical decisions. You learn how the financial markets work, what are the drivers of security price changes and how to build efficient investment portfolios.
    The program is offered both for international and Polish students.

    Since academic year 2018/2018 Finance is accredited by CFA Institute® within University Affiliation Program.

    The purpose of UAP is to recognize the efforts of academic institutions that embed a significant portion of the CFA ® Program Candidate Body of Knowledge™ (CBOK), including the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, into their curricula.

    Established in 1962, the CFA® Program sets the global standard for investment knowledge, standards, and ethics. Earning the credential can serve as a passport to entry or advancement within the investment profession around the world. The designation tells clients, employers, and colleagues that the Charterholder has mastered a rigorous curriculum covering a broad range of investment topics and that he or she is committed to the highest ethical standards in the profession.

    The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) credential is the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world.
    The CFA® Program provides a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills that will give you a career advantage.

    With CFA® you can gain:
    · International Recognition – Employers and media around the world praise the CFA designation
    · Credibility – Clients and colleagues regard you with a presumption of expertise
    · Respect – Your efforts connect you with the prestige of existing charterholders
    · Competitive Advantage – Employers and clients require professionals who demonstrate competence in implementing international investment strategies
    · Knowledge with a Global Perspective – A practice analysis is conducted every five years to determine a globally relevant, broad-based curriculum.
    · Connections – You join the more than 100,000 charterholders who are active investment professionals with senior responsibility.

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    Programme structure

    The program is based on four major areas:

      • Accounting, selected courses: Corporate and business accounting, Managerial accounting, Tax systems,
      • Finance, selected courses: Public finance, Corporate finance, Local government finance and EU financial system, Behavioral finance,
      • Insurance, selected courses: Personal and commercial insurance,
      • Management, selected courses: Private asset and wealth management, Portfolio management.
    Career opportunities

    Because of our analytical approach to the functioning of companies combined with necessary and up-to-date theoretical knowledge graduates of this program have numerous opportunities of employment, for example in:

    • financial and accounting departments as a financial analysts or brokers,
    • public sector – various positions,
    • corporations as advisors, portfolio managers or head accountants,
    • establishing their own companies.
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„With a sense of social responsibility, we conduct innovative research and educate leaders of the future.”

In pursuing our mission, we act in accordance with the following VALUES, i.e. principles which we consider important on a daily basis:

  • We are OPEN to other people and the ever-changing world.
  • We are RESPONSIBLE for the quality of education and research, as well as our environment.
  • We are BOLD in our thinking and WISE in our actions.
  • We are COMPETENT and TRUSTWORTHY as a partner for business, public administration and non-governmental organisations.

Recruitment - step by step

Entry requirements for the first-cycle candidates

Step 1

All candidates need to fill in an application form:

Step 2

After registration the system will guide you through the list of documents you need to upload.

Step 3

The documents are then verified by the admissions staff. Depending on the amount of applications this can last up to 2 weeks.

Step 4

If the candidate’s documents are accepted and the candidate meets all the formal requirements, they will be given the account number to which they should transfer the registration and first semester tuition fees. When we confirm the transfer we will issue the admission letter which will be used to apply for a visa.


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