The legal status

Berło koloru miedzianego ze zdobieniami Akademii Handlowej w Poznaniu.

The legal status of the University is defined by the following legal acts:

  • Law of July 20, 2018. – on Higher Education and Science (consolidated text, Journal of Laws 2022, item 574, as amended)
  • Law of August 27, 2009 – on public finance (consolidated text, Journal of Laws 2022, item 1634, as amended)
  • Law of December 17, 2004 on responsibility for violation of public finance discipline (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2021, item 289, as amended)
  • Decree of the Council of State of October 26, 1950 on the transformation of the Poznań Academy of Commerce into the Poznań School of Economics (Journal of Laws of 1950 No. 49 item 444).
  • – Decree of the Council of Ministers of April 29, 1974 on changing the names of higher economic schools (Journal of Laws of 1974 No. 17 item 95).
  • Law of October 23, 2008 on granting a new name to the Poznań Academy of Economics (Journal of Laws of 2008 No. 220 item 1421)

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