Rules of the Erasmus programme

1.Capital mobility: for each of the three levels of studies, the student has the right to use the departure or departures for study and work experience placements lasting a total to 12 months in one study level. To the total number of months - within each level of study - includes the early departures from the LLP / Erasmus.

2.All those registered as students of studies leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor’s degree diplomas may apply for a study visit regardless of their citizenship.

3.During the study visit the participant must have a student status, it means for example, that can not stay at that time on the dean's leave.

4.A student may go on a visit only to a partner university.

5.The period of study abroad is an integral part of the home university’s curriculum.

6.Exchange students continue to be entitled to full grants and loans obtained in their home country.

7.Length of stay in a foreign university must comply with the agreement concluded between PUEB and partner university and with the agreement between PUEB and a student.

8.A person studying at a partner university does not pay a tuition fee. However, a visit abroad does not exempt students of paid studies from paying a tuition fee at the PUEB (applicable to students of non-regular studies and studies conducted in English). In particularly justified cases, it is possible to apply for exemption from part of the student tuition fees at the PUEB.

9.After the financial agreement is signed there is no possibility to change the dates of the mobility and the banck account number, that was steted in the agreement.

10 Students who prarticipate in programmes co-funded from European  Union Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020 cannot participate in exchange programs that the University offers .

PUEB qualifies the studenta for a study visits within the framework of the Erasmus + program, the partner university decides if it accepts students' application.

NOTICE: Students currently on the third year of undergraduate studies,  will be able to take part in the qualification of the additional qualification planned in October 2019, When they start master studies at PUE). In the case of qualifying students who meet the above criterion, the mobility would be possible during spring semester of 2019/20 (second semester of master studies).

Recruitment rules

You can apply for studies as part of the Erasmus + programme if you are a student of regular or non-regular studies at:

•first-year of first-cycle studies –  winter and/or spring semester of the second year,

•the second year of engineering studies of first-degree  Faculty of Commodity Science – study visit in the autumn and/or spring semester of the third year,.

•second-year of first-cycle – study visit only in the autumn semester of the third year (all faculties except Faculty of Commodity Science),

•first-year of second – cycle studies – study visit in the autumn and/or spring semester of the second year,

•newly admitted to the first year of the second degree in the Faculty of Commodity – study visit during the next winter and / or summer semester.

•Phd students

Study visits cannot be made in the last semester of first-cycle studies.


•completing the 2018/2019 winter examination session.

•minimal average grade 3.00

•ability to use the language of instruction

•participation in the qualification is taken by people who set up an account on the website: within a certain period of time, complete the application questionnaire (all fields marked with an asterisk are required, non-fulfillment results in the lack of possibility to participate in the qualification, while not filling in optional fields does not result in the lack of participation in further qualification), select institutions and send the application on-line. No amendments can be made after the aplication period is closed and the database is downloaded. If there were any amendments, they will not be taken into consideration.Till March 8 students should also deliver information about their average grades from current level of studies, confirmed by Dean's Office, to IRO, room 221A.

•one person may make only one application, even if he/she studies at two faculties or selects two languages of instruction.

•students who want to obtain an exemption from the language test provide the original document entitling them to dismissal to Research and International Relations Office (IRO), room no. 221, other students enroll on-line on the

1. The student chooses at most 4 partner universities (obligatory one) tsking into consideration curricula at her/his Facult at PUEB. Before choosing a university, the student should read the information on the websites of foreign universities about the offered courses and language of instruction, available for exchange students.
2. There is a possibility to choose universities with different lecture languages ​​and take two language exams.
3. In the case of huge differsnces between the programes at foreign and home university, the student should take into consideration the necessity to supplement the program in the following semesters, after the mobility finishes. In such cases, before leaving, it is necessary to sign the Declaration of Passing Compulsory Subjects at PUEB.

We would like to kindly inform you that IRO does not coordinate matters related to the study path, choosing courses and setting the Learning Agreement.

To participate in qualification students have to fill on-line application (, submit it and deliver to IRO, within a specified period of confirmation of the average grades from the Dean's Office.
One person can apply only once, even when studying at two Faculties.

Attachments to the application form (if applicable): students who want to obtain an exemption from the language test provide immediately after the application of the original document to the IRO.

Doctoral students provide confirmation that the partner university agrees to accept a candidate for the study visit within the Erasmus + program (for example an e-mail)

1. The choice for foreign universities indicated by the student is determined by the confirmation of the knowledge of the language of instruction and the average marks from the beginning of studies, including the winter semester of the academic year 2018/19. The minimum average grade allowing a student to qualify is 3.0 (from the entire study at acctuall level of studies).

2. Selection of candidates  is ranked - based on the average grades.
3. In the case of identical average grades and the same university chosen, priority will have the students who did not take part Erasmus+ program at a given level of study or students from higher years of studies.

4. A qualified student receives information for the e-mail address indicated during qualification process.
a. The student accepts the choice and sends the confirmation of the will to go abroad immediately, via the platform.
b. The student who was not selected for the chosen university - goes to the waiting list No.1 The student was selected to the university of her/his choiceuniversity, but resigns -  goes to the waiting list No. 2.
5. After the first assignment of the university, vacancies are announced to students from the waiting list 1. The selection of students from the above list is based on the average grade and is carried out during the meeting organized by IRO with interested persons from the list 1.
6. Free places remaining after the above selection are proposed to students from the waiting list 2. The choice of students takes place at a meeting as above.

If two people want to go together to the same university, the person with the higher average grades is entered on the list with a lower average person and they both choose universities where there are more than one free place left.
7. The number of qualified persons will depend on the amount of funds received from the National Agency of Erasmus+ programe. In the case of a large number of qualified candidates, the decision to receive a scholarship depends on the budget of the Erasmus + program for PUEP for 2019/2020. If the PUEB has the funds from previous edition of the program, the IRO reserves the right to allocate scholarships from this edition to students in order to fully use the budget. Study visits financed from the funds from the 2018/2019 edition must take place in the autumn semester 2019/2020, without the possibility of extending the stay for the next semester. The rules for the allocation of scholarships will be established after receiving funds information from the National Agency of the Erasmus + Program and written in the form of financial rules .

We would like to kindly inform you that IRO does not coordinate matters related to the study path, choosing courses and setting the Learning Agreement.


Students should responsibly choose the university they want to go for exchange. Should analize the program offer of the foreign university, obligatory subjects to be completed on a given semester, dates of the partner university semesters, financial and living conditions.

2. Resignation from departure after confirmation of the intention to travel through the platform, will result in exclusion in the next qualification (which means that the student qualified in the main qualification for trips in the academic year 2019/2020 is excluded from participation in the additional qualification for the academic year 2019/2020, the student resigning from the trip qualified in the additional qualification is excluded from participation in the next qualification). The student resigning from the trip should notify the partner university and the International Cooperation Department about this fact (by e-mail).