The Department of Labour and Social Policy originates from the Institute of Social Policy founded in 1977. At present, the head of the Department is professor Jan Szambelańczyk and the staff consists of 11 employees, including three titular professors and four PhD students.

Research interests of the staff members go beyond labour and social policy and include, among others, issues of social security, including pensions and long-term care, employment and migration, human resources management and salaries, funding education and economics of happiness, issues of ergonomics and safety at work and even the functioning of cooperative banks and deposit guarantee system.

For many years, the Department has had a good team of employees whose relations are friendly and based on partnership. It is a group of people who are engaged in the work at the University and really enjoy it. An external expression of excellent relations and quality of scientific and teaching work are the highest positions in PUEB ranking, award of the Polish Accreditation Committee and award in the Minister of Science and Higher Education competition "Win a million", which is a source of funds for projects attractive to students and staff (eg. study trips to India and the EU, away methodological workshops for staff and students). Every year we are also a partner of the "Szlachetna paczka" campaign.

Professional competence and passion for teaching translate into an original way in which the programme of education and development is conducted at the financing and management of social services and human resources in the organization specializations. Education of our students is based on long experience gained from international cooperation with the EU, especially with leading schools in the UK, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and others. Teaching duties management of our staff allows for cyclical improvement of skills and sharing experience of foreign scientific and didactic institutions. So-called foreign methodological trips are financed from financial resources generated by the Department.


Members of the faculty are very successful in obtaining research grants from the national (e.g., National Science Center - Preludium, Opus, Sonata) and foreign (VI Framework Programme of the EU, VII Framework Programme of the EU Horizon 2020) funders. Our scientists are also members of important national bodies (eg. Central Council of Science and Higher Education, The Committee on Labor and Social Policy Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Bank Guarantee Fund), which supports contacts with practice and consequently makes education more practical. Our professors are members of the programme boards and editorial boards of prestigious scientific and popular journals (Bezpieczny Bank, Finanse, Polityka Społeczna, Zarządzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi).

Especially worth mentioning are postgraduate studies organized by the Department and highly appreciated by students (eg., work and human resources management, occupational safety and health, computer systems in human resources management, managerial coaching, and risk management in cooperative banks). There is no other Department at PUEB that can take pride in organization of so many courses. Additionally, we have been very successful in organization of national and international conferences at PUEB.

We conduct regular studies on the quality of education in cooperation with students from scientific associations affiliated to our Department, which allows to improve the study programme and methods of teaching.

Two scientific associations are affiliated to the Department – Student Scientific Association of Social Policy and HaeR.