Starting 1 October 2015 our University changed its name into Poznań University of Economics and Business (previously Poznań University of Economics).

As the University teaches not only economics, but also other subjects which relate to widely meaning business and management, the new name suits more precisely a profile of education which obtain our students. According to various published rankings Poznań University of Economics and Business is classified among the universities which educate the largest number of management staff in Poland. All this makes that the new name is more appropriate and reflects our attributes in more holistic way.

This academic year PUEB celebrates its 90th anniversary. As a University with rich history and broad strategic plans of further development we have decided to use the anniversary to rebrand our logo. To mark the anniversary a special logo has been also designed to be used solely until the end of the academic year 2015/16. We hope the change in our visual identification is coherent with our ambitious objectives to advance in every area of our educational and scientific activity.

The 90th Anniversary logo is available in Downloads