These are some things you should check before you leave for Poland:
Your finances: have enough money to cover the initial costs of accommodation and living expenses;
Your visa: make sure you apply for a visa early as it can take several weeks for the Embassy to schedule an appointment, make sure you have all the necessary documents for the meeting at the Embassy;
Your documents: don’t forget to bring all the required documents with you (the originals), together with your passport, your visa and photocopies of all these documents in case you lose them.

Remember to bring all the original documents that are required to be enrolled. You will need:
 High school diploma /BA diploma (LEGALIZED!!!)*
 Certificate of language skills
 Passport
 Entrance medical report
 Proof of medical support (insurance)
 Visa

The academic year starts on 02nd October, but we will organize an Orientation Day on 27th September. More details will follow:,c24/organizacje-studenckie,c1071/upoznan,c7298/

*The document should be legalized by the Polish Consul at a Polish Embassy or be affixed with an Apostille, depending on where the document was issued. Documents from countries which signed Hague Convention for Foreign Public Documents get an apostille. Documents from countries that have not signed the Convention must have legalization.


It takes around 3 hours to get from Warsaw/Berlin to Poznan by train. This is the website you can use to check both connections: (
The following are short videos showing how to get to the Warsaw train station from the airport in Warsaw.
From Berlin Airport – Schönefeld or Tegel you should use public transport to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) which is the main train station in the city and then a train to Poznan. This is the website you can use to check connections from the airports to the station: (
Also, you can take a plane from Warsaw to Poznan. Here’s the website of the Polish Airlines:

Once you land you need to change some money to be able to buy tickets* – you can do that at the exchange office at the airport.
Then you will need to buy the tickets at the information desk – you will need one ticket valid for 40 min. (4,60 PLN). 

*The tickets entitle to travel with any kind of public transportation, that means buses and trams.

If your dormitory status in is “Aproved” go to our Student’s Hall of Residence (ATOL).
Here are the directions to get there:
11/17 Andrzejewskiego Street,
60-129 Poznań

How to get there:
From the airport take the bus L (bus stop is located in front of the terminal building) to the Main Railway Station, get off at the last stop. Go up the stairs and on the left you see the buildings of the Poznan Trade Fairs. Then take the tram number 5, 8 or 14 (tram stop is located on the street level in front of Poznań International Fairs’ building) and get off at the last stop “Górczyn” to get to the students’ hall.
Map and directions:
To Górczyn:
To the dorm:
Once you get to the dorm, give your name at the reception and you’ll be given a key to your room.

The University
After you get some rest, please come to our office to bring us your documents and learn about the next steps.

The office address is:
Biuro Studiów Anglojęzycznych
(Center for Studies in English)
Building A, Room 120
Al. Niepodległości 10
61-875 Poznań
Tel.: (0048) 618569305

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30-13:30

Map and directions from ATOL:
Travel planner:

See you in Poznan soon!