Our improvements

The PUEB is constantly improving
Thanks to our international students' suggestions we have introduced a number of changes which we would like to share with you:

1.      Lack of information about events, master thesis seminars, access to the official grade system.

All these details can be found on the University’s web page in English, the official administration system which includes grades and financial information is available in English.

2.      Lack of events, workshops and activities for international students.

In 2015/2016 we have organized numerous events in English (lectures, workshops, debates), International Day and movie nights for both Polish and foreign students all conducted in English. The information about these events has been posted on the University’s webpage, FB page and in individual mails to students.

3.      Lack of possibility of scholarships for international students.

International students (from EU countries) can apply for scholarships and all students can apply for individual awards.

4.      Inefficient selection process.

We have introduced new requirements for candidates (in terms of language and math) together with a Skype interview.

5.      Infrastructure not adapted to International Students.

We have bought the English versions of computer software and installed it in one of the University’s computer labs.

6.      Career department doesn't support us.

Career department has organized workshops and trainings for international students in how to prepare a good cv and how to prepare for an interview.

7.      Lack of communication about Erasmus and other exchange programs.

The information was posted on the University’s website (in English), on FB page and was given individually to all students who wished to apply. Additionally, Research and International Relations Office organized a few meetings describing the possibilities of exchange.

8.      English studies are less demanding than the Polish students.

We are constantly working to improve this situation.

9.      As students we have absolute no contact to companies through the university.

The contacts have been arranged e.g. through the organization of Job Fairs and Job Spot.

10.  Absolute insignificant amount of English books in the library.

The number of books is not small, there are also possibilities of using the databases (we organized a special workshop for students teaching them how to use the databases).

11.  Erasmus students have access to more Polish classes to us and the students who already have a good level in Polish are not able to choose another foreign language as part of their curriculum.

Full-time students have a bigger number of hours to learn Polish but divided into 4 semesters not 2 or 1 as Erasmus students do. Those who want to learn a different foreign language are given the opportunity to do so and they study French and German.

If you feel we're not doing enough and have suggestions of what and how we can change things - contact us!