Poland’s largest centre for educating highly qualified specialists in ensuring quality of products and services. The country’s first faculty to have been awarded an ISO 9001:2000 certificate by Det Norske Veritas, one of the world’s leading certification bodies. An ideal place for those interested in combining economics with production processes. 

Today’s commodity science is mainly focused on designing products on the basis of information gained from the market and on being able to satisfy expectations with regard to technology and quality. 

Commodity science “controls” the storage, transportation, and packaging of products. Closely associated with marketing and selling, commodity science – by teaching us how to get to know the nature of products and “feel the market” – makes it possible to anticipate new trends in the continuous development of product quality. Graduates of the Faculty of Commodity Science are very welcome to manufacturing and services companies; they are also employed by research laboratories and departments responsible for developing and controlling product quality.

  • Department of Business Activity 
  • Department of Product Marketing 
  • Department of Natural Science and Quality Assurance
  • Department of Technology and Instrumental Analysis
  • Department of Commodity Science and Ecology of Industrial Products
  • Department of Food Commodity Science 
  • Department of Standardized Management Systems