On May 19, 2022, the University celebrated its annual holiday – PUEB Day. On May 18 2022, on the eve of the PUEB Day,  a concert for Ukraine was performed by the BIG BAND AM Paderewski band with the participation of vocalists from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music of Poznań. In the hall of the PUEB, well-known Polish songs resounded in a new arrangement. The young artists also presented a traditional Ukrainian piece. Among the invited guests were also Ukrainian citizens staying in the shelter run by the PUEB in the sports hall at ul. Dożynkowa 9 in Poznań.


For the 12th time, an exhibition of economic posters prepared by students of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan was organized. The works participating in the competition organized under the patronage of the PUEB Rector and the UAP Rector were shown. This year, the students of the Poster II studio presented an artistic interpretation of the phenomenon of losing the value of money over time and its consequences for the economy. The level of submitted works was very high. The competition jury awarded the following persons:

  • Aleksandra Kortas (1st prize, PLN 1,500),
  • Antoni Grodzki (2nd prize, PLN 1,000),
  • Leonard Dutkiewicz (3rd prize, PLN 500).

The exhibition entitled "Stagnation - inflation - stagflation, or welfare depreciation" can be viewed in the hall of CEUE UEP.

During the debate entitled "Happiness in Misfortune - The Decalogue of Economics", the interviewees referred to the ten principles of economics presented in the book by Gregory N. Mankiw and Mark P. Taylor, and in particular to rationality. They also discussed the concept of happiness, analyzing it from an economic and philosophical perspective. Both representatives of science and business took the floor:

  • prof. dr hab. Piotr Banaszyk, head of the Department of Logistics at the PUEB, author of many scientific publications, whose research interests focus on the issues of strategic management and the theory of organization and management;
  • prof. dr hab. Jan Hartman from the Jagiellonian University - philosopher, bioethicist, publicist and publisher. In his scientific work he deals with metaphilosophy, philosophical heuristics, philosophy of politics, ethics and bioethics; developed an original project of the so-called the theory of the neutrality;
  • dr hab. Piotr Michoń, prof. UEP, from the PUEB Department of Labor and Social Policy, one of the few Polish scientists dealing with the economy of happiness, author of many publications and a widely read blog about social psychology;
  • Maja Rutkowska - Group HR Director at Amica SA, a PUEB graduate with extensive professional experience, co-owner of KKS Lech Poznań.

In the afternoon PUEB employees feasted at a picnic organized in the picturesquely situated area of ​​the Barracks of Culture at ul. Matejki 62 in Poznań. Beautiful weather was conducive to relaxation and strengthening contacts, as well as visiting the buildings of the former military barracks.