Spring semester 2019/2020

Course schedules - spring 2019/2020

All courses available for exchange students are listed in course information. The file contains name of a course, teachers' name, number of contact hours and ECTS points.

Please remember that some changes can be introduced to the schedules after the semester has started. Please check the website regularly.

Schedules (updated on 28th February):

- schedule 1 - courses exclusively for exchange students,

- schedule 2 - courses offered at faculties (Bachelor),

- schedule 3 and 4 - courses from International Business programme (Bachelor and Master),

- schedule 5 - courses from Finance programme (Bachelor),

- schedule 6 - courses from Innovation management programme (Master),

- schedule 7 - courses from International Management in emerging Markets (the special case of CEECs) (Bachelor),

- schedule 8 - courses from Applied Economic and Social Analysis (Bachelor).

Exchange students can change their choice of courses, according to the procedure of making changes, only till 9th of March.