Admission requirements

Step 1

All candidates need to fill in an online application form on the PUEB website.

Step 2

After registration the CSE staff will send you an email with the description of the documents you need to submit. The email will be sent within 2 days after registration.

The required documents for Master programs:

·         first degree termination diploma legalized or adjusted apostille;

·         verified extract from student's registration book, including list of examination and credits or supplement for diploma;

·         Certificate of English language skills – see list of language certificates below;

·         Entrance Medical Record (a doctor’s certificate of no contraindications to study, in English or Polish);

·         Proof of medical support (a copy of health insurance policy or European Health Insurance Card EHIC or declaration of entering the National Health Fund immediately after commencing education in Poland);

·         copy of passport (page with photograph and passport number);

·         confirmation of admission and tuition fee payment.

All students need to send scanned copies of the above mentioned documents together with a motivation letter which should include the following:

·         clear goal and vision for the future

·         why they think Poland, Poznań and PUEB are interesting and suitable for them

·         why they think the program they have chosen is interesting

·         their strongest qualifications.

The letter should not exceed 600 words.


Step 3

The documents are verified by the CSE staff. Depending on the amount of applications this can last up to 5 working days.

Step 4

If the candidate’s documents are accepted and the candidate meets all the formal requirements we will organize a Skype interview to talk about their interests, ideas for the future, their work experience and involvement in various additional activities. The interview is a chance for both the PUEB and the candidate to know each other better and to talk about their expectations and motivations.

Step 5

The candidate will be given the account number to which they should transfer the first semester fee. When we confirm the transfer we will issue the admission letter which will be used to apply for a visa.