Study organisation

Our academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester consists of 15 weeks of studying. The examination period starts right after the lecture period and lasts two weeks. Courses are offered as lectures, in some cases accompanied by separate practical classes or labs. Teachers use several forms of assessment – written tests, oral exams, essays, projects and presentations. In many courses the attendance and participation in class discussions will be considered in calculating of the final grade.

Choosing study path

Exchange students make a choice of course units/modules in one of the application documents – "LEARNING AGREEMENT". LA is a contract between three parties – a student, Home University and Host Institution (PUEB). The document is designed to guarantee full recognition of the undertaken programme of studies.

The chosen programme of study may have to be modified after the arrival of a student at the PUEB. In such cases, the student can make the changes to his/her original Learning Agreement by completing a form "CHANGES TO LEARNING AGREEMENT" which also has to be signed by all three parties. The students who wish to modify their study path are obliged to inform the Research and International Relations Office about the changes during the first two weeks of the semester. After that time further modifications are not allowed.  

Student ID Card

Each exchange student receives a Student Identity Card which proves the student status and entitles to a wide range of student discounts (e.g. public transportation in Poland). According to the national regulations the students are required to return the ID to the University at the end of their study period at the PUEB.

Transcript of Records
For each student the PUEB prepares “Transcript of Records”. It is a document in English which lists all the courses taken, the ECTS credits, the obtained grades - in Polish grading scale and ECTS grading scale. Scanned copy of the document is sent to a student and Home University coordinator in about two-three weeks after closing the study period at the University. The original of transcript of records is sent by post only on request of a student or home coordinator on address of Home University.

Poznań University of Economics and Business uses the following convertion scale:  

PUEB grade

ECTS grade

  5.0 (bdb) - Very good


  4.5 (db pl) – Good plus


  4.0 (db) – Good


  3.5 (dst pl) - Satisfactory plus


  3.0 (dst) - Satisfactory 


  2.0 (nd) - Fail