The Republic of Poland is situated in Central Europe. In terms of area Poland ranks 9 place in Europe. It shares land borders with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). The Baltic Sea coast line streches for 440 km as Polish northern border.

Political system: multi-political republic with two-house parliament (Lower Chamber Sejm with 460 seats and Upper Chamber Senat with 100 seats) elected to a four-year term of office; the President is elected once every five years

State structure: 16 voivodships (provinces) województwo, which are subdivided into 315 districts powiat and districs into 2500 municipalities (primary level units) gmina; additionally the 65 largest cities, which are separated from districts, hold the rights of both municipalities and districts 

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Internet portals about Poland in English: website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consular information Polish trains timetable