The course is a suitable language improvement program for students who wish to prepare for further academic study at Poznan University of Economics and Business.

Course content:
General English (150 hours) and Presentations (30 hours) 

are the two English Language components of the program. In these classes you will further your knowledge of English language, develop more advanced skills to self-correct and monitor your speaking and writing and to listen and read English with the understanding and ease needed for extensive study.

Polish Language (30 hours)
course will prepare you to live and study in Poland and to communicate with others during your first months of your stay in the country. You will also learn some important aspects of Polish life and culture.

Intercultural Communication (30 hours) 

classes will help you understand how to communicate across different cultures and social groups. You will learn how culture affects communication in multicultural environment at work and in your daily life.

Mathematics (15 hours)

refresher course will help you review your Math skills before taking your obligatory courses later on. You will review what you studied before and build a solid foundation that will prepare you for Bachelor or Master studies.

After passing all the required final exams, the students will be eligible for admission to the full-time studies in English conducted at the Poznań University of Economics and Business.

Course Summary

Course Duration: one semester (28 February - 20 June)
Number of hours: 255 classroom hours (1 classroom hour = 45 minutes)
Tuition Fee: 5 200 PLN  
Available levels: B2, C1
Admissions (from 15 October until 31 January): Apply Online 

Minimum number of students for the course to open is 10.