In February 2017, Poznań University of Economics and Business received the HR Excellence in Research distinction awarded by the European Commission to institutions that follow the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. This is a mark of quality, confirming that our University maintains transparent recruitment processes for researchers and fosters a friendly environment for working and developing research careers.

The awarding of the HR Excellence in Research distinction is one of the initiatives of the European Commission within its Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, aimed at improving the working conditions of researchers in the EU. These activities are intended to help increase the number of researchers in European institutions. The EC supports organisations that implement the principles of the European Charter and Code by holding meetings and discussions with the institutions involved, and furthermore recommends such institutions to international organisations and researchers as those that provide the best working environment and career development prospects for researchers.


The objectives of the HR Strategy have made their way into the strategic goals of Poznań University of Economics and Business. The execution of the HR Strategy initiated in March 2017 proceeds according to the Action Plan concerning four main areas: ethics and multidimensional professional aspects, recruitment, working conditions and training and professional development.


In February 2019, the individual actions taken were reviewed and evaluated internally and, based on the findings of the focus group survey of researchers, an updated HR Strategy for 2017-2022 was approved and an Action Plan for 2017-2022 was revised.

In 2022, all measures were reviewed and further development was recommended for 2022-2027. 

We would like to congratulate everyone who has contributed to this success and we look forward to our continued co-operation.