The origins of the Banking Department date back to the pre-war period of functioning of the University of Economics – the then High School of Commerce. Under its current name the Department came into being in 1950, when the Academy of Commerce (the name of the University after World War II) was transformed into the High School of Economics. In the years 1950 - 1957 the Banking Department functioned as one of the four departments on the Finance Faculty. In the academic year 1951/1952 Zygmunt Szymczak became the first head of the department. In the academic year 1953/1954 Banking Department was transformed into Circulation of Money and Credit Department. In 1958 the Finance Faculty was dissolved and the former departments were connected creating Department of Finance on the Faculty of Economics. At the beginning of 1959 two units were created within the Finance Department: Institute of Finance and Institute of Banking. Zygmunt Szymczak was appointed the head of the second one. In 1969 another reorganization of the University was implemented. Institute of Banking became a part of Institute of Accounting and Finance on the Production Economics Faculty. In October 1974 the High School of Economics was renamed to the Academy of Economics. Organizational structure did not change, however. In October 1976 Stefan Ochociński was appointed the head of Institute of Banking. Another reorganization took place in 1991, leading to the division of Institute of Finance into three departments, including the Banking and Insurance Department. This department was headed by Jerzy Wolniak. In 1993 this department was split into Banking Department and Insurance Department. In 1995 Alfred Janc was appointed the head of Banking Department, fulfilling these responsibilities and duties until the end of 2017. Michał Jurek has been the head of the department since 2018. In April 2015 the department was renamed to Money and Banking Department.