Lectures conducted by the employees of the Department of Public Finance at the Faculty of Economics:

Auditing in units of the public finance sector

EU funds audit

Public sector economics

Public finance

Financing of social projects from European Union funds

Finances of local self-government

Finance of the European Union

Funding projects from European Union funds

Financing of social services


Financing of European territorial self-government projects

International tax planning

Culture - finance and management

Tax systems in the EU member states

Methodology of application for EU funds

International tax law

Taxation of income earned abroad

Tax and foreign exchange law

Financial planning of territorial self-government units

Taxes and local charges

Direct taxes

Income taxes

Indirect taxes

Taxes in EU countries

Fundamentals of Finance

Budgetary policy of the European Union

Tax policy of the European Union

Public aid for entrepreneurs

Corporate tax strategies

Tax systems in Poland and the EU

Community customs system

Project management