At the Poznań University of Economics and Business, classes and exams in the summer examination and retake session in the academic year 2019/2020 will be held using electronic means of communication until September 30, 2020.

All teachers are allowed to change the ways the classes are conducted, the ways of progress and realization of the effects of learning assessment. All teachers are obliged to inform the students about these changes.

All consultations are conducted online on the days set by the PUEB teachers.

To conduct classes the following means can be used: Moodle platform, PUEB email system, Microsoft Teams app and other tools available for PUEB students and teachers.

Any student who cannot access the online classes due to technical reasons is obliged to inform the teacher about the situation by 31st March. In such a case the teacher will set other forms of completing the course.

In the case of all students of first cycle and second cycle studies whose exam session was prolonged until 31st March 2020 the verification of learning outcomes of a particular course can be conducted outside PUEB premises through electronic means that allow for the verifictaion and registration of the said learning outcomes.

All classes/labs/PE classes at PUEB premises will be rescheduled after the University resumes its regular functioning unless the suspension period is prolonged; in such case new regulations will be announced.


If the suspension period is further extended it is possible to prolong the academic year.


All international, national and regional events - conferences, congresses, sport events – are cancelled until futher notice A new date for these events will be set in due time.