Educating for 35 183 days

Formalities after the mobility

Settlement of the mobility
Within 30 days after completing the mobility, it is required to:
- provide the IRO room 221 A the Certificate of Attendance (can be issued on the print used by PUEB - template in the Erasmus + tab on the website, you can get it at the International Office at a foreign university). You can send the document by e-mail ( regular post. Please, make sure that there are no corrections on the document. Please check whether the dates of your stay match the dates on the financing agreement. If the stay is shorter, depending on the number of days it has been shortened, the second installment of the scholarship will be proportionally reduced or yu will have to refund a part of the grant. The period of the mobility cannot be extended ater the date which was stated in the financial agreement as a end of the mobility. To extend the mobility you have to contact with IRO by e-mailat least 30 days before the end date and send the confirmation from the partner university and the reason of prolonging the stay.
-  complete the survey in the platform Beneficiary Module  (pattern of the survey in attachment).
- provide to the Student Service Office (room 120A) the Learning Agreement and a list of assessments (Transcript of records) . If the date of receiving grades is later than the end of the semester at UEP, an application for extension of the session should be submitted.
Request to prolong the mobility (ex. due to theextended main exam session) should be send to IRO at least a month before the end date stated in the dfinancial agreement.
Prolongation of the mobility period after the mobility will be not possible even if confirmed by the partner university.