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PUEB research projects

Pre-incubation and business pre-incubators: updated definition and the first classification

Source of funding: National Science Centre, Poland
Funding Scheme: PRELUDIUM 16
Project ID number: 2018/31/D/HS4/01814
Start date: 09.09.2019
Finish date: 08.09.2021 
Amount of funding: 129 323zł

General description:
Entrepreneurship and support for the creation of new ventures in recent decades is gaining incredible attention of both scientists and policy makers. The direct impact of entrepreneurship on economic development and innovation is highlighted. The role of universities in putting forward innovative ideas, followed by incubation, acceleration and development with the use of venture capital funds is analyzed. Pre-incubation is an area that has received the least attention in research to date and is developing just as intensively. The world's literature in this field includes only a few articles which present a theoretical approach from the beginning of this millennium. Moreover, so far no one has made comparisons of solutions adopted in different parts of the world, factors determining the choice of a particular model and differences between countries. In the meantime, a number of innovative pre-incubation projects have been developed within the world's best education systems, including Finland, Sweden and Estonia. These projects use models whose form differs significantly from the theory described in the literature on the subject. 

Therefore, the aim of the project is to eliminate the research gap in this area by updating the definition of preincubation and pre-incubators of entrepreneurship, creating the world's first classification of pre-incubation models and finally developing recommendations for Poland with regard to the possibility of implementing specific pre-incubation models. 

The project is multinational in nature and will be implemented in cooperation with scientists from Texas Christian University (USA), Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and Poznań University of Economics and Business (Poland). In addition, the project will use the results of preliminary research achieved during scientific internships carried out in all three institutions.

Within the framework of the research about 20 case studies will be carried out, in which pre-incubation models from Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, USA, Romania, Slovakia will be analysed. Access to these entities is ensured through a wide network of three researchers involved in the project. 

All the above will allow for in-depth knowledge of the models of pre-incubation of entrepreneurship functioning in the world. Indication of their strengths and weaknesses and possibilities of implementation depending on the institutional environment. Set of recommendations prepared on this basis will not only be theoretical, but also practical and will allow for more effective support for entrepreneurship, in particular in Poland

Principal Investigator:
Marcin Bielicki
Department of Money Theory and Monetary Policy


prof. Garry D. Bruton 
Texas Christian University - Neeley School of Business, USA