Assistant Professor in the Department of Insurance

Poznań University of Economics


CEO Mentor Re Sp. z o.o., ul. Szosa Chełmińska 177-181, 87-100 Toruń

Deputy Director in the branch Mentor in Poznań


Krzysztof Łyskawa has a unique career that blends experience in academia, private sector and associations. His researches and work focus on various aspects of insurance.

Since the beginning of the work at the university he has taught a very different subjects, but most of them focus on the technical dimension of the functioning of insurance contracts: Polish insurance market, Life insurance, Underwriting in non-life insurance, Reinsurance, Agriculture Insurance, Mutual Insurance, Claims Management

He has worked in brokerage companies since 1998. His activities have been dealing with the preparation and service of insurance programs for the following industries: manufacturing, service, agriculture and medicine. In many cases it is required to participate in the complex processes of underwriting. He is the CEO of Mentor RE - brokerage company established to support Mentor SA in reinsurance contracts.

He is also a member of the committee non-life insurance at the Polish Chamber of Insurance (agriculture insurance).

He was a member of the team that prepared a business strategy for PTU SA – non-life insurance company (present Gothaer).  He is the author of almost 100 papers in the field of insurance. He participated in the implementation of projects: setting up a mutual insurance for coal mines or hospitals. He worked actively in the implementation of scientific projects in the field of agricultural insurance in Poland and Italy. He is a representative of Polish farmers in the Copa Cogeca (Team. Insurance and Risk Management)


Select Work Experience

Broker Companies – from 1998

- Preparation of insurance programs for different entities

- Service companies in the framework of international programs

- Participation and consulting on claims,

- Creation of new insurance solutions with additional reinsurance arrangements


University of Economics and Business in Poznan – from 1998

- Carrying on didactic tasks

- Organizing trainings for insurance brokers candidates,

- Student Association Research in insurance,

- A member of faculty council,

- Activities related to the dissemination of knowledge: the organization of many conferences in the field of insurance

- Interests: risk management, reinsurance, agriculture insurance, underwriting, mechanisms of pension protection


Polish-French Insurance Institute (ENAss-PIU) in Warsaw (1999-2001)

- Postgraduate studies aimed at management of insurance companies


Select International Experience

- International Adjusters` Seminar: Adjusting Drought Damage on Cereal, – seminary prepared by AIAG (International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers), Vien 4-6 July 2008

- 29th Congress of the International Association of Hail Insurers, 23rd – 26th September 2007, Berlin, AIAG (International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers)

- Marietta Janowicz-Lomott, Krzysztof Łyskawa, Risk management in local government in Poland, 2nd International Conference on Human and Social Sciences, ICHSS 2012, March 23-24, 2012 in Tirana Albania in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Human Sciences (presentation)

- A Participation in training in the field of reinsurance „LLoyd’s Binding Authority”, realization: PriceForbes&Partners Ltd. Londyn, Toruń 25-27.09.2012


Select Private Sector Consulting

• Analysis of success factors for the implementation of the insurance product for SMEs by AXA/2014

• Practical guide on agricultural insurance PZU / 2008 and 2009

• Strategy for the PTU Insurance Company in 2009-2011 / Lisowski Jacek, Handschke Jerzy, Łyskawa Krzysztof, Adam Sliwinski, Kaczała Monika/ 2008


Selected Presentations

- Łyskawa, K., 2017, CWB-based drought insurance pricing, Swiss RE - Schweizerische Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG

- Łyskawa, K., 2016, Agriculture in Poland and Polish farmers' insurance, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION INSURERS (AIAG).

- Łyskawa, K., Janowicz-Lomott, M., 2016, The current situation and developments on risk management in agriculture in different EU member states, Polish Re / Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited.

- Janowicz-Lomott, M., Łyskawa, K., 2013, The risk management tools in Poland - subsidized crop insurance, COPA-COGECA.

- Marietta Janowicz-Lomott, Krzysztof Łyskawa, Domestic insurers in Poland and the global crisis, 3rd International Conference The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the changed world EBEEC 2011 Pitesti, Romania, May 5-8, 2011

- Monika Kaczała, Krzysztof Łyskawa, A new Paradigm in Insurance In Insurance - Agricultural Index Insurance in Poland, FIBAC, 1th INTERNATIONAL FINANCE BANKING & INSURANCE CONGRESS, APRIL 18-22, 2012, Limak –Limra Hotel, Kemer – Antalya, Turkey (presentation)


Selected Publications

- The Current Situation and Developments in the Different Member States on Risk Management in Agriculture Janowicz-Lomott, M., Łyskawa, K., 2017, w: Anastasios Karasavvoglou, Persefoni Polychronidou (red.), Agricultural Sector Issues in the European Periphery. Productivity, Export and Development Challenges, Vernon Press, USA, s. 1-18.

- Farm income insurance as an alternative for traditional crop insurance, Janowicz-Lomott, M., Rozumek, P., Łyskawa, K., 2015, Procedia Economics and Finance, 33, s. 439-449.

- The Concept of Index Policies and their Possible Application in the System of Compulsory Subsidised Crop Insurances in Poland / Kaczała Monika, Łyskawa Krzysztof. / In: Trends in agricultural insurance in Europe. Insurance risk of drought in Poland. - Warsaw : Polska Izba Ubezpieczeń, 2012. p. 64-78

- Application of insurance-based support of agriculture by the state – the Polish experience and the EU guidelines. In: Администрация, управление и икономика - Varna : Варненския свободен университет „Черноризец Храбър”, 2011. p. 50-65

- Insurance risk management in the enterprise /in: Studia ubezpieczeniowe : zarządzanie ryzykiem i finansami - Poznań : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu (UEP), 2011. p. 11-24

- Threat to the balance of compensation and damages in compulsory property insurance / in: Ubezpieczenia wobec wyzwań XXI wieku. 2011 - Wrocław : Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu, 2011