Elżbieta Urbanowska-Sojkin is a full professor at the Poznań University of Economics and Business and the head of Department of Strategic Management.

Her research activities focus on the issues of strategic management and strategic risk. The subject of her particular interests are processes of making strategic decisions, their risk and  conditions (informational, organizational, behavioral ones).

Scientific interests refer to business practice and are the subject of scientific research (grants of National Science Centre and statutory research at Poznań University of Economics and Business).

Professor Elżbieta Urbanowska-Sojkin is the author of numerous scientific publications awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education and the Rector of the PUEB. Among her publications are monographs, textbooks, articles as well as scripts for students.

Prof. E. Urbanowska-Sojkin supports scientific activities by providing consulting services in the field of formulation and implementation of the companies’ strategies, evaluation of the effectiveness of strategic choices and strategic risk.

- Head of the Department of Strategic Management,
- Member of the PUEB Senate - as representative of independent academic teachers (Faculty of Management),
- Member of the Senate Committee for Scientific Research and International Cooperation,
- Chairwoman of the Disciplinary Commission for PhD Students,
- Member of the Council of the Faculty of Management,
- Member of the Expert Corps at the National Science Center,
- Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Law, Economics and Sociology.

Research interests:
- strategic management: strategic choices, strategy implementation and control,
- informative support of strategic management (early warning systems),
- risk in strategic management, strategic risk management,
- enterprise crisis,
- shaping the competitiveness of enterprises,
- intellectual capital of the company management,
- inter-sectorial and cross-sectorial relations.

- Strategic management,
- Business management. Modern theories and practical solutions,
- Business development strategies,
- Competitive strategies,
- Strategic risk management,
- Strategic marketing,
- Business management,
- Risk in project management,
- Informational basics of strategic decisions,
- Strategies of small and medium enterprises,
- New trends in management (doctoral studies),
- Marketing management of the company,
- SWOT analysis.