The degree of doctor honoris causa is conferred on particularly outstanding and distinguished researchers. The event is a symbolic act of the honorary-degree holder becoming part of an academic community. On 15 October 2019, our University’s community is expanded to include prof. Oded Galor, an eminent and influential economist, creator of Unified Growth Theory. It is a real honour for us to be joined by this world-class economist, who has such a high standing within the academic community.
It has become our University’s tradition to award honorary degrees at particularly important and solemn moments. Undoubtedly, one such event is the official inauguration of a new academic year. To follow this tradition, we are admitting to our community prof. Oded Galor, the twenty-sixth holder of the degree of doctor honoris causa from the Poznań University of Economics and Business.

Professor Galor has originated three influential research fields that are central to macro history. He is the founder of Unified Growth Theory which lays the foundation for the exploration of the economic forces that governed the evolution of individuals and societies over the entire course human history. He pioneered the exploration of the interaction between the evolution of human and cultural traits and the process of economic development, and he has recently pioneered the examination of the implications of the exodus of anatomically modern humans from Africa, tens of thousands of years ago, on the observed variations in social cohesion and productivity across the globe. His research has inspired the exploration of the pre-historic origins of the vast inequality across regions of the world, the economic causes and consequences of evolutionary processes in humans, cultural and linguistic characteristics, and the astounding impact the migration of humans out of Africa on the wealth of nations.