Research Office:
Iwona Lisiecka, tel. +48 61 856-93-80, building A, room 125
Head pf the Office

Izabela Maciejowska tel. +48 61 856-94-07, building A, room 127
International and commissioned projects, National Centre of Research and Development (NCRD) grants

Małgorzata Plenzler-Fedorowicz, tel. 61 856-94-50, building A, room 128
National Science Center (NSC) grants

Jarosław Tarasek, tel. 61 856-94-51, building A, room 126
YRDS (Young Researchers and Doctoral Students) and statutory research

Dorota Tursa, tel. +48 61 856-93-08, building A, room 129
Intellectual property and commercialization of research results
functions at the University: Member of the Intellectual Property Commission