On September 15-17, 2021, the 35th International CIRET Conference was held.

The conference was co-organized by UEP and CIRET.

The conference was attended by representatives of universities and research institutions from five continents - Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. They represented twenty-three countries.


The international 35th conference of the Center for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys (CIRET) had the subtitle "Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy". It focused on exchanging ideas and views and deepening cooperation between scientists and practitioners conducting economic and economic policy research. The conference was attended by researchers and practitioners dealing with the analysis of economic indicators and those developing modern methods of measuring the economic situation. The participants were representatives of the European Commission, the United Nations, OECD, the Bank for International Settlements, economic universities, government and independent economic research centres and national statistical offices. Individual sessions of the conference concerned: economic and consumer prosperity, cyclical indicators, survey methods for examining the state of the economy, modern methods of analyzing economic trends, expert methods of analyzing the economy and analyzing the state of the economy in real-time. The opening lecture entitled "Has the Information Channel on Monetary Policy Disappeared?" was delivered by prof. Barbara Rossi. The speech aroused great interest among the audience and triggered a stormy discussion among the conference participants.

During the conference, the representatives of CIRET presented the award to Prof. Richard Curtin for his entire scientific achievements in the field of economic analysis. Prof. Richard Curtin is a pioneer in studying social expectations and their impact on the economy and behavioural macroeconomics. Professor Curtin gave a lecture on this occasion entitled "Do Business or Consumer Expectations have more Predictive Power?"

In total, 43 papers were presented during the conference. Researchers raised in them, among other things, the subject of the impact of the expectations of economic entities on economic growth, the relationship between the stability of the banking system and the economic situation, the use of survey results to forecast the economic situation, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the approach of economic entities to saving and consumption. The authors of the two papers were PUE employees: dr hab. Jacek Jankiewicz and Dr. Robert Skikiewicz.

The local conference organizing committee was composed of: dr hab. Sylwester Białowąs (chairman), dr hab. Jacek Jankiewicz, Dr. Zuzanna Urbanowicz and Dr. Robert Skikiewicz.



A one-day workshop preceded the conference on Globalization and Economic Statistics: Challenges and Opportunities, co-organized by PUEB and the United Nations in New York. The workshop was organized in the form of moderated discussions.