Financial Engineering is a two-year Master program, which aims at preparing for careers in financial sector as quantitative analyst or risk manager. The program is designed for graduates with bachelor or engineer degree who are able to undertake a highly-specialized and quantitative-oriented study of finance.

During the study you will have courses with practicioners working in the financial industry as risk managers and specialists for pricing financial instruments.

International Co-operation

The program Financial Engineering is led with the cooperation of Lisbon School of Economics and Management at the University of Lisbon and University of Lorraine in Nancy (France). 

The international agreement involving three Master programs in Financial Engineering allows students to study a part of their degree at these universities and obtain double degrees (from Poznań University of Economics and Business and one of the partner universities).


(5,000 PLN per semester) from the next academic year. 

"Project “Modification and implementation of the international program of study in Financial Engineering carried out at the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy at the Poznan University of Economics and Business” POWR.03.03.00-00-M097/16 co-financed by European Union from the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014 - 2020"