Conducts research into major issues of the Polish, European, and global economy. The Faculty maintains strong relations with business practice, as its staff prepare expert assessments, opinions and analyses commissioned by business entities and various government administration bodies.

When writing their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, most of the Faculty’s students carry out training placements in companies and economic institutions. This ensures that there is a link between the theoretical knowledge that students acquire and their practical skills. Graduates of the Faculty are characterised by a comprehensive and business practice oriented preparation for professional work. They occupy prominent positions not only in national and international companies and corporations, but also in EU, national- and local-government administration bodies.

  • Department of Market Research and Services Management
  • Department of Controlling, Financial Analysis and Valuation
  • Department of Spatial and Environmental Economics
  • Department of Corporate Finance 
  • Department of Commerce and Marketing
  • Department of Investment and Real Estate 
  • Department of Investment and Capital Markets 
  • Department of Logistics and Transport 
  • Department of Microeconomics 
  • Department of Accounting 
  • Department of Marketing Strategies
  • Department of Organization and Management Theory 
  • Department of Management and Corporate Resources Analysis
  • Department of Strategic Management