We kindly invite you to the lecture conducted by: Leszek Tasiemski "From a garage start-up to leadership function in a stock-listed company".
When: 22.03.2023 Wednesday, 16.45-18.15
Where: 2.1. CEUE

Lack of experience, no customer base, big risks for small rewards, having to be jack of all trades. This is a daily struggle of many leaders of start-ups. Then, and now. I would like to share with you my learnings from my journey that started 16 years ago. From a garage, two guys, a cat, and no money, to first shy international steps, to selling the company, to leadership function in one of the leading, stock-listed, cybersecurity companies – WithSecure.
From the time perspective, every step of that journey was important and matters. Learnings from the “garage” times still influence my decision making today. It’s a story of taking risks, seeking for opportunity, internationalization, business transformation, selling a company, buying companies, and eventually – leading on a global scale. It’s also a reminder on how important it is to have mentors in life.
We live in VUCA times. More and more so. Being agile and able to rapidly adapt is the foundation to long term success – no matter is you are a tiny company or a corporation.