Imię i nazwisko autora: Michał Wódczak
Opis książki: As vehicular systems are expected to become the key element of the global networking ecosystem, it is crucial to ensure that the relevant technologies are included in their development from the very outset. A distinctive feature of vehicular networks is their envisaged high complexity in terms of network composition. Therefore, certain dose of automation is required for the purposes of guaranteeing smooth and robust system operation. First, it is expected that there will be a need for the vehicles to express capabilities of autonomic configuration in order to address the issues of rapid topology changes and distributed nature of the network. Second, a very relevant question of self-management needs to be answered so it is possible to understand how network nodes, i.e. vehicles, can express cooperative behaviors, manifested through, for example, the ability to perform autonomic cooperative communications and routing.
Rok wydania: 2012
Miejsce wydania: New York
Katedra: KTI