In the latest issue, we have prepared an article about the new PUEB logo along with pictures showing the evolution of the University's crest. You can also read up on the newest doctoral promotions and habilitations, projects realized within the PUEB participation budget and an unusual sports event organized as part of the school's 90th anniversary- The First Collegium Altum Tower Run.

You may also be interested in the interview with prof. dr. hab Maciej Żukowski,Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, about the EQUIS international accreditation which PUEB is applying for.

To celebrate our 90th anniversary, we have introduced a new series of articles- The Gallery of PUEB Rectors- where backgrounds of former heads of the school will be described. In this edition, we present prof. dr. Leonard Glabisz and prof. zw. dr. Antoni Peretiatkowicz.